Human Factors in HealthcareLevel One

Human Factors in HealthcareLevel One

Debbie Rosenorn-Lanng

Print publication date: Feb 2014

ISBN: 9780199670604

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The majority of errors, litigation, and complaints in the health service are due to 'human factors', yet the term is still not widely understood and is sometimes used interchangeably to refer to team training or communication skills. Although it includes these, the definition of 'human factor' goes beyond to look at systems, environmental influences, and interactions with equipment, in addition to self-awareness and human interaction. All of these aspects are captured in Human Factors in Healthcare and are built into a new framework: the SHEEP model, which breaks down into five key areas: Systems, Human Interaction, Environment, Equipment, and Personal, providing a structured way to focus on adopting 'safety-positive' behaviours. Through the use of relevant real world healthcare examples and exercises, this resource encourages interaction and thinking, as well as illustrating how mistakes can be avoided. It also sets out ways on how to improve the experience of patients and staff across healthcare, in particular focusing on how to improve patient safety.