Practical Radiation Protection in Healthcare

Practical Radiation Protection in Healthcare

Colin J Martin and David G Sutton

Print publication date: Dec 2014

ISBN: 9780199655212

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Practical Radiation Protection in Healthcare provides a practical guide for medical physicists and others involved with radiation protection in the healthcare environment. The guidance is based on principles set out in current recommendations of the International Commission for Radiological Protection and methods developed by a variety of professional bodies. Written by practitioners experienced in the field, this practical online reference covers both established techniques and new areas of application. This new edition is fully revised and updated to cover new requirements linked to the increased knowledge of radiation effects, and the development of new technology. Each specialist area is covered in a separate chapter to allow easy reference with individual chapters being assigned to different types of non-ionising radiations. Additionally, tabulated data is included to allow the reader to carry out calculations for situations encountered frequently without reference to further resources.