Human Malformations and Related Anomalies

Human Malformations and Related Anomalies

Roger E. Stevenson, Judith G. Hall, David B. Everman, and Benjamin D. Solomon

Print publication date: Oct 2015

ISBN: 9780199386031

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Malformations are found in 2%-3% of all infants born in the United States. An additional equal number of infants are later found to have malformations that were not obvious at birth. The third edition of Human Malformations and Related Anomalies is a comprehensive compilation of significant human malformations authored by 40 authorities in the field of genetics and dysmorphology. It introduces a new format that allows easy access to essential information on each major human malformation. The abbreviated text on clinical presentation, associated anomalies, treatment, and prognosis is combined with the liberal use of line drawings, photographs, radiographs, and other images to give a succinct composite view of each malformation. The anatomical and molecular embryology is set out in a consistent manner in the introduction to each organ system. An appendix provides a synopsis of the 500 syndromes that are most commonly associated with structural birth defects. The volume utilizes a blend of time-tested terminology and the nomenclature recommended by an international group of clinical geneticists and dysmorphologists. Where available, advances in the understanding of the causes of malformations acquired through the new and emerging genetic and genomic technologies are recognized.