Preventing Hospital InfectionsReal-World Problems, Realistic Solutions

Preventing Hospital InfectionsReal-World Problems, Realistic Solutions

Jennifer Meddings, Vineet Chopra, and Sanjay Saint

Print publication date: Apr 2021

ISBN: 9780197509159

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This book provides a detailed, step-by-step description of a model quality improvement intervention for hospitals, pinpointing the obstacles and showing how to surmount them. This second edition has been carefully updated, with new material describing some technical aspects of infection prevention, new tools for use by front-line providers, and results of recent large collaborative infection prevention studies. In easy-to-read, user-friendly language, it explains why clinicians neglect or actively oppose quality changes—from physicians who distrust change, to nurses who want to protect their turf, to infection preventionists who avoid the wards. The book also sheds light on how and why hospitals embark on quality improvements, the role of the hospital’s leadership cadre, the selection and training of the project team, and how to sustain quality gains long term. The intervention framework described in the book focuses on the prevention of hospital-associated infections—in particular, catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI)—but it is directly applicable to a variety of other hospital issues, such as falls, pressure sores, and Clostridioides difficile infection (CDI). In fact, the book includes a chapter applying this framework to a CDI prevention initiative. In addition, for hospitals having trouble with staff adherence to a quality initiative, we provide three infection-specific questionnaires (for CAUTI, CLABSI, and CDI) to help pinpoint individual problems, and provide a link to a website offering advice tailored to their specific circumstances.