Cinema, MDA History of Medicine On Screen

Cinema, MDA History of Medicine On Screen

Eelco F.M. Wijdicks

Print publication date: Mar 2020

ISBN: 9780190685799

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Cinema, MD argues that within cinema there is a history of medicine—one version in the many different histories of medicine. How did filmmakers write a history of medicine? This book discusses how cinema depicts medicine, in all its glory and all its failures, and what can we learn from it. It offers an account of all the major films with medical themes. The book asks a number of critical questions, such as why scriptwriters and directors chose the subjects, the plots, the cast, and the images that they did. Films have covered a wide range of medical topics, depicting not only physicians, nurses, and other health-care personnel working in hospitals, clinics, and asylums but also epidemics, diseases and disabilities, mental illness, and addictions. Films have portrayed medical feats such as vaccinations and organ transplantations. Filmmakers also have tackled subjects such as death and dying, medical experimentation, and rare diseases, as well as documenting criticism of the medical status quo.