Perioperative Pain Management for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

Perioperative Pain Management for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

John Reach, James J. Yue, Deepak Narayan, Alan Kaye, and Nalini Vadivelu

Print publication date: Sep 2018

ISBN: 9780190626761

Publisher: Oxford University Press


All physicians are involved in the management of pain at some level or other, with orthopedic surgeons at the frontline of delivering perioperative pain care for a wide variety of problems that range from skeletal trauma, joint replacement procedures, and bone tumors to spinal conditions. Orthopedists need to be able to diagnose pain and be cognizant of the common and rare painful conditions that present perioperatively so that they can manage them effectively. This book assists surgeons in safe perioperative care from preoperative evaluation, to laboratory tests, to imaging orders and interpretations for patients with acute pain and also for those chronic pain patients undergoing surgery. It focuses on how to solve common dilemmas facing orthopedic surgeons who are managing patients with pain-related problems and assist in clinical decision-making. Chapters explore essential topics required for the orthopedist to quickly assess the patient with pain, diagnose pain and painful conditions, determine the feasibility and safety of surgical procedure needed, and arrange for advanced pain management consults and care if needed.