Gender in Psycho-Oncology

Gender in Psycho-Oncology

Youngmee Kim and Matthew J. Loscalzo

Print publication date: Mar 2018

ISBN: 9780190462253

Publisher: Oxford University Press


As cancer treatment has evolved toward precision medicine, psychosocial research and practices for cancer patients and their family members have also raised awareness of the need for a personalized, patient-focused, family-oriented approach in the psycho-oncology field. Gender in Psycho-Oncology is the first book of its kind to provide comprehensive views on the role of gender in the adjustment of the individual and the patient–caregiver pair when dealing with cancer. The text explores the significant role of gender in diverse pairings of genders between the patient and the caregiver. It also highlights the importance of age, generation, and sociocultural characteristics, as well as the illness trajectory and lifespan trajectory of the individual and the patient–caregiver pair, and an ongoing sociocultural movement that is changing social role expectations based on gender. Offering both fundamental and practical information, Gender in Psycho-Oncology is an ideal book for health care practitioners from a spectrum of disciplines in the psycho-oncology field.