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Amendments and Errata to Seventh Edition 

Amendments and Errata to Seventh Edition
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date: 28 June 2022

Page 378.

The contact details for ‘Tropical medicine emergency advice’ in London are now out of date. The Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London now offers a 24-hour telephone advice service to UK-based clinicians looking after patients from the tropics. The duty tropical medicine registrar can be contacted via the switchboard at University College Hospital on 08451 555000

Page 33, Figure ‘The cardiac cycle’

The fourth heart sound has been indicated to occur before the p wave on the EKG has started. This should actually be shown to a after the p wave.

Page 581, Box ‘Assessing hypovolaemia from blood loss’

Under the column titled ‘Class 1’, blood loss should be <15% and <750ml, rather than >15% and >750ml.

Page 681, Table ‘Enzyme Inducers and Inhibitors’

Omeprazole should be categorized as an enzyme inhibitor, rather than an enzyme inducer.

Page 747, bullet 12 - Checking the position of a nasogastric tube

The Patient Safety Agency (NHS) asserts that pH paper (not litmus paper) be used for checking pH of the gastric aspirate, and that that injecting air and listing for bubbling is unreliable and should not be used. See

Page 791. Third box down in RH column re: Synchronized DC shock

should read: | 200J | 360J | 360J

Page 806. First bullet in last paragraph

should read: <55 yrs: cefotaxime 2g/6h.

Page 821, box concerning hyperkalaemia.

Under “Treatment”, second bullet. For “Insulin + glucose, eg 20U soluble insulin + 50mL of glucose 50% IV. Insulin moves K+ into cells.”, read “Insulin + glucose, eg 50mL of 50% glucose (unless hyperglycaemic) followed by 10U rapidly-acting insulin over ~10mins. This may need repeating. Monitor for hypoglycaemia. Insulin moves K+ into cells.”