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Amendments and Errata to First Edition 

Amendments and Errata to First Edition
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date: 26 May 2022

Inside front cover

Under ‘lateral’ it should say midline instead of midle

Page 34

Under ‘Starch’ it should say amylose instead of amylase

Page 94

In what is metabolism second bullet point should start anabolism not metabolism

Page 102

PDH kinase is INactivated by PDH substrates

Page 188

It should read:

purines - guanine and ADENINE

pyramidines - cytosine and THYMINE

Page 192

Initiation. page refers to DNA polymerase II. It is RNA polymerase II that catalyses mRNA formation.

Page 220

Corrected equations should read as follows:

Ex=RT  ln  [X]oZxF  [X]i


Ex=61.5  log10  [X]i[X]o

Page 375

The text up to Surfactant is secreted by Type II alveolar cells from about 30 weeks gestation … should be replaced with the following:

A saline-filled lung is readily inflated, whereas surface tension at one with an air-water interface shows reduced compliance. Surfactant reduces surface tension compared to water and renders the lung more compliant. On alveolar inflation, as the surface area of the surfactant film increases, surface tension is increased, thereby preventing smaller alveoli from emptying into larger ones. Finally, the static surface tension of a film of surfactant is greater when measured during expansion than during contraction (this accounts for the observed hysteresis).

Page 390

Where the text currently reads:

‘Resting O2 consumption is approximately 300L O2 min−1’,

it should instead read:

‘Resting O2 consumption is approximately 250mL O2 min−1’.

Page 442

For the vascular resistance equation it should be:

vascular resistance is proportional to length x fluid viscosity (radius)4

i.e. radius should be to the power of 4.

Page 480

The last equation, should read:

ie: volume cleared = GFR = ([X]urine.V) / [X]plasma

(that is [X]urine should multiply by V, not divide as appears in the book).

Page 626

Morning after pill contains a high concentration of progesterone not estrogen

Page 919

Under the entry for Viagra it should read 246 not 10.10.5