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F-tool [link]
facet dislocation [link], [link]
children [link]
facioscapulohumeral dystrophy [link]
factor VII, recombinant [link]
failed back syndrome [link], [link]
Fairbanks’ triangle [link]
falls, avoidance of [link]
false negatives [link]
false positives [link]
families, impact of spinal cord injury [link]
Fanconi syndrome [link], [link]
Farabeuf clamps [link]
fascicles [link]
regional [link]
segmental [link]
fasciitis, nodular [link]
fascioscapulohumeral dystrophy [link], [link]
fasciotomy [link], [link]
burns [link]
needle [link]
open fractures [link]
vascular injuries [link]
fast spin-echo imaging [link]
MRI suppression [link]
subcutaneous [link]
X-ray attenuation [link]
fat embolism syndrome [link], [link], [link]
diagnosis [link], [link]
management [link]
results of treatment [link]
fatigue fractures [link]
febuxostat, gout [link]
feedback [link]
Feldon wafer resection [link]
felon [link], [link]
female athlete triad [link]
femoral anteversion [link], [link], [link]
femoral components
removal of [link]
rotational position [link]
femoral deficiency [link]
femoral fractures
children [link]
acceptable deformity [link], [link]
distal femur [link]
femoral regrowth/overgrowth [link]
management [link], [link]
physeal fractures [link], [link]
circular external fixation [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
periprosthetic [link], [link]
supracondylar see supracondylar fractures
femoral head
avascular necrosis [link], [link]
blood supply [link], [link]
dislocation [link]
osteonecrosis [link]
femoral head fractures [link], [link]
Pipkin classification [link]
femoral neck
avascular necrosis [link]
narrowing [link], [link]
femoral neck fractures [link], [link], [link]
aetiology [link]
classification [link]
diagnosis [link], [link]
epidemiology [link]
hip resurfacing arthroplasty [link]
management [link]
pathophysiology [link]
prognosis [link]
rehabilitation [link]
secondary fracture prevention [link]
treatment [link]
arthroplasty [link], [link]
choice of implants [link]
complications [link]
internal fixation [link]
osteosynthesis [link]
postoperative care [link]
prediction of healing complications [link]
surgical technique [link], [link]
timing of surgery [link]
femoral neck retroversion [link]
femoral nerve injury
iatrogenic [link]
post-hip replacement [link]
post-traumatic [link]
femoral osteotomy [link]
contraindications [link]
indications [link]
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease [link]
surgical considerations [link]
femoral peel [link]
femoral reconstruction [link], [link]
Paprosky classification [link]
type 1 defect [link]
type 2 defect [link]
type 3 a defect [link]
type 3b defect [link]
type 4 defect [link]
femoral shaft fractures [link]
anatomy [link]
associated pathology [link]
acetabular fractures [link]
patella fractures [link]
classification [link]
clinical evaluation [link]
complications [link]
deep venous thrombosis [link]
delaying/non-union [link]
heterotopic ossification [link]
iatrogenic fractures [link]
infection [link]
malunion [link]
marrow embolization and ARDS [link]
muscle weakness [link]
nerve injury [link]
future directions [link]
incidence and prevalence [link]
investigation [link]
management [link]
external fixation [link]
initial [link]
intramedullary nailing [link], [link], [link]
plating [link]
traction [link]
mechanism [link]
postoperative care [link]
removal of nails [link]
results [link]
special circumstances [link]
bifocal injuries [link], [link]
elderly patients [link]
multiple trauma [link]
open fractures [link]
pathological fractures [link]
very large patients [link]
young patients [link]
Winquist classification [link]
femoral templating [link], [link]
femoroacetabular impingement [link], [link], [link]
surgical treatment [link]
avascular necrosis [link]
bone metastases [link], [link]
cemented [link], [link]
uncemented [link]
periprosthetic fracture [link]
in total hip replacement [link]
see also femoral
Femurett walking aid [link]
fetal haemoglobin [link]
fibroblast growth factor [link], [link]
fibroblasts [link]
fibrocartilage [link], [link]
fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva [link], [link], [link]
fibrogenic growth factors [link]
fibrolipoma [link]
fibroma, non-ossifying [link]
fibronectin [link]
fibrosarcoma [link], [link], [link]
clinical presentation [link]
radiological features [link]
fibrous cortical defect [link], [link]
fibrous dysplasia [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
clinical presentation [link]
monostotic [link], [link]
pathological features [link]
polyostotic [link]
radiological features [link], [link]
treatment and outcome [link]
fibula hemimelia [link], [link]
fibular fractures [link]
children [link], [link]
type A [link], [link]
type B [link], [link]
fibular impingement [link]
filum terminale, thickening [link], [link]
financial harm [link]
fine needle aspiration [link]
finger escape sign [link]
amputation [link], [link], [link]
replantation see digital replantation
carpometacarpal joints [link]
dislocations [link]
flexion [link]
mallet finger [link], [link], [link]
metacarpal fractures [link], [link], [link]
base and shaft [link], [link]
neck [link]
metacarpophalangeal joints [link], [link]
anatomy [link]
dislocation [link], [link]
locking [link]
phalangeal fractures [link], [link], [link]
distal [link], [link]
proximal and middle [link], [link], [link]
see also hand; thumb
fingertips [link]
amputation [link], [link]
crush injuries [link], [link]
infection [link]
injuries in children [link], [link]
finite-element analysis [link], [link]
elements [link]
nodes [link], [link]
Finkelstein’s test [link], [link]
firearms injuries [link]
clinical issues [link]
kinetic energy [link]
tissue destruction [link]
velocity [link]
fishtail deformities [link], [link]
external see external fixation
internal see internal fixation
Compass Hinge [link]
fixators, circular external
application [link]
components [link]
connecting rods [link]
fine wires [link]
rings [link]
fixators, monolateral external
bone-fixator distance [link]
clamp [link], [link]
dynamic [link]
dynamization [link], [link]
active [link], [link]
induced [link]
passive [link]
bending [link]
breakage [link]
choice of [link], [link]
coating [link]
diameter [link]
improper care [link]
insertion technique [link]
number of [link]
thread [link]
simple [link], [link]
static [link]
flail chest [link]
flap tears of menisci [link], [link]
flap transfer [link]
flaps [link], [link]
adipofascial [link], [link]
gracilis [link]
groin [link]
lateral arm [link]
latissimus dorsi [link], [link]
open hand injuries [link]
radial forearm [link]
rectus abdominis [link]
scapula [link]
serratus anterior [link]
flare [link]
flat foot, acquired [link]
flat-back syndrome [link]
fleck sign [link]
flexible nailing [link]
flexor carpi
radialis [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
maximum excursion [link]
pain [link]
ulnaris [link], [link], [link]
maximum excursion [link]
tendonitis [link]
flexor digitorum
brevis [link], [link]
profundus [link], [link], [link]
maximum excursion [link]
tendons see flexor tendons
superficialis [link]
congenital anomalies [link]
maximum excursion [link]
opponensplasty [link]
tendons see flexor tendons
flexor hallucis
brevis [link]
longus [link], [link]
tendinopathy [link]
flexor pollicis longus [link]
congenital anomalies [link]
maximum excursion [link]
flexor sheath [link], [link]
ganglion [link]
infection [link], [link]
repair [link]
flexor tendons
anatomy [link]
fibrous flexor sheath [link]
paratenon and vincula [link]
synovial nutrition [link]
inflammation of [link]
‘pulley system’ [link]
rupture [link]
strength [link], [link]
flexor tendon injuries [link]
anatomy [link]
zones of injury [link]
children [link]
clinical presentation [link]
closed rupture [link]
complete division [link]
complex injuries [link]
differential diagnosis [link]
partial division [link]
complications [link]
adhesion [link]
infection [link]
repair rupture [link]
treatment [link]
future directions [link]
history [link]
imaging [link]
management [link]
complete tendon division [link]
fibrous flexor sheath [link]
non-operative [link]
partial tendon division [link]
repair technique [link]
surgery [link]
timing of surgery [link]
pathology of healing [link]
adhesion factors [link]
without surgical repair [link]
rehabilitation [link]
controlled active motion [link]
Kleinert elastic band traction [link]
passive regimen [link]
splint position [link]
results [link]
salvage procedures [link]
tendon grafting [link]
tendon and repair mechanics [link]
forces during activity [link]
friction [link]
repair strength [link], [link]
tendon strength [link], [link]
flexor tenosynovectomy [link], [link]
floating knee [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
floating shoulder [link]
wrist [link]
distal radioulnar joint injuries [link]
fluorosis [link]
fondaparinux, thromboprophylaxis [link]
foot [link]
coalitions of [link]
compartment syndrome [link]
diabetic see diabetic foot
flat [link]
in hemiplegia [link]
insensate [link]
rocker-bottom [link], [link], [link]
soft tissue coverage [link]
big toe see hallux
polydactyly [link]
windlass mechanism [link], [link]
see also ankle
foot disorders
arthritis [link]
aetiology [link]
anatomy [link]
clinical presentation [link]
deformity [link]
examination [link], [link], [link]
investigations [link], [link]
medical management [link]
neuropathic [link], [link]
orthoses [link]
post-traumatic [link]
presentation [link], [link]
surgery [link]
systemic arthropathy [link], [link]
arthrogryposis [link]
calcaneus deformity [link]
cavovarus [link], [link]
children [link], [link]
pes cavus [link]
skew foot [link]
spina bifida [link]
children [link]
accessory navicular [link]
accessory ossific centres [link]
clinical evaluation [link]
congenital constriction bands [link]
development [link]
forefoot abnormalities [link], [link]
Freiberg’s disease [link]
genetic abnormalities [link], [link]
investigation [link]
Kohler’s disease [link]
os trigonum [link], [link]
osteochondroses [link]
postural deformities [link]
Sever’s disease [link]
size and shape [link]
structural deformities [link]
ectrodactyly [link], [link]
equinocavovarus [link]
equinovarus [link], [link]
arthrogryposis [link], [link]
cerebral palsy [link]
spina bifida [link]
equinus [link]
forefoot [link]
reconstruction [link], [link]
rheumatoid [link]
hallux rigidus [link]
hallux valgus [link], [link]
adolescent [link]
diabetic foot [link]
interphalangeus [link]
juvenile [link]
hallux varus [link]
congenital [link]
abnormal biomechanics [link]
amputation [link]
leprosy [link]
lesser toes [link], [link], [link]
metatarsus adductus [link]
children [link], [link]
midfoot fractures/dislocations [link]
clinical evaluation [link]
functional anatomy [link]
investigations [link]
midfoot sprains [link]
planovalgus [link], [link]
cerebral palsy [link], [link]
children [link], [link], [link]
flexible flat foot [link]
out-toeing gait [link]
rigid flat foot [link], [link], [link]
sesamoids [link]
spina bifida [link], [link]
talipes calcaneovalgus [link]
talipes equinovarus [link]
aetiology [link]
anatomy [link], [link]
classification [link]
demographics [link]
surgery [link]
treatment [link], [link]
toes [link], [link], [link]
deformities [link], [link], [link]
fractures [link]
foot injuries
calcaneal fractures [link], [link]
anatomy [link], [link], [link]
children [link]
clinical history [link]
children [link]
non-accidental [link]
forefoot fractures/dislocations [link]
children [link]
clinical evaluation [link]
functional anatomy [link]
investigations [link]
metatarsal fractures [link], [link], [link], [link]
open fractures [link]
phalangeal fractures [link]
children [link]
talar fractures [link]
anatomy [link], [link], [link]
children [link], [link]
head fractures [link]
osteochondral [link], [link]
posterior process [link]
snowboarder’s fracture [link], [link]
stress fractures [link]
tarsometatarsal see Lisfranc injuries
foot orthoses [link]
footwear adaptations [link]
heel cups [link]
moulded inlays [link], [link]
orthopaedic footwear [link]
simple inlays [link], [link]
foot pressure plates [link]
foot pumps [link]
foot puncture wounds [link]
foot-drop [link], [link]
footballer’s ankle [link]
adaptations [link]
orthopaedic [link]
force plate [link]
static measurements [link]
amputations [link], [link]
deformity [link]
flaps [link]
pronation [link]
pseudarthrosis [link]
rotation [link], [link]
lack of [link]
range of [link]
forearm fractures [link]
anatomy [link]
movement [link]
pathological [link]
associated injuries [link]
children [link]
both-bone fractures [link], [link], [link]
distal physeal injuries [link]
distal radius fractures [link], [link]
Monteggia fracture-dislocations [link], [link]
plastic deformation of radius/ulna [link], [link]
radial neck and head fractures [link]
classification [link], [link]
complications [link]
Essex-Lopresti fracture [link]
Galeazzi fracture [link], [link], [link], [link]
incidence, prevalence and mechanisms [link]
investigation [link]
management [link]
Monteggia fractures [link]
nightstick (single bone) fracture [link]
physical examination [link]
treatment options [link]
approaches to radius [link], [link], [link]
approaches to ulna [link]
external fixation [link]
intramedullary nailing [link]
manipulation and casting [link]
plate fixation [link], [link]
post-treatment care [link]
forefoot abnormalities in children [link], [link]
forefoot fractures/dislocations [link]
children [link]
clinical evaluation [link]
functional anatomy [link]
investigations [link]
forefoot varus [link]
foreign body tenosynovitis [link]
Forestier’s disease [link]
fracture blisters [link], [link]
fracture failure
acetabular fractures [link]
ankle fractures [link], [link], [link]
carpometacarpal joints [link]
elbow [link], [link]
interphalangeal joints
distal [link]
proximal [link]
Monteggia [link], [link], [link]
children [link], [link]
fractures [link]
ankle [link]
anterior cruciate ligament [link], [link]
extensor tendons [link]
hip [link]
ischial tuberosity [link]
metacarpophalangeal [link]
pelvic ring [link]
phalangeal [link]
rectus femoris [link]
triquetrum [link]
bracing [link]
below-knee functional cast [link], [link], [link]
diaphyseal tibial fracture [link]
humeral shaft fracture [link], [link]
isolated ulnar fracture [link], [link], [link]
buckle (torus) [link]
children see paediatric trauma
classification systems [link]
all inclusive [link]
AO/Orthopaedic Trauma Association [link], [link]
clinical relevance [link]
facilitation of communication [link]
future directions [link]
logical algorithm [link]
mutually exclusive [link]
problems with [link]
reliability [link], [link]
reproducibility [link]
comminuted [link]
calcaneal [link], [link]
olecranon [link], [link]
patella [link], [link]
radial head [link], [link]
supracondylar [link]
trochanteric [link]
complications [link]
avascular necrosis see avascular necrosis
compartment syndrome [link]
complex regional pain syndrome/reflex sympathetic dystrophy [link], [link]
crush injuries [link]
deep venous thrombosis [link]
fat embolism syndrome [link], [link]
gas gangrene [link]
tetanus [link]
elbow [link], [link], [link]
distal humerus [link], [link]
olecranon and coronoid [link], [link]
radial head/neck [link], [link]
mandibular [link]
nasal [link]
femoral shaft [link]
absorbable implants [link]
external see external fixation
plates see plate fixation
screws see screw fixation
calcaneal [link], [link]
forefoot [link]
hindfoot [link]
talar [link]
forearm [link]
distal radius [link]
proximal humeral [link]
greenstick [link]
hand [link], [link]
extra-articular [link]
metacarpal and phalangeal [link]
healing see bone healing
acetabular [link]
avulsion [link]
children [link]
femoral neck [link], [link], [link]
periprosthetic [link], [link], [link], [link]
trochanteric [link]
iatrogenic [link]
lumbar [link]
distal humerus [link]
distal radius [link], [link]
femoral shaft [link]
forearm [link]
metacarpal [link]
metatarsal [link]
phalangeal [link]
proximal humerus [link]
tibial plateau [link]
mechanics [link]
metaphyseal compression [link]
non-accidental in children [link]
non-union [link]
distal humerus [link]
femoral shaft [link]
hip [link]
humeral shaft [link]
metacarpal [link]
NSAIDs causing [link], [link]
patella [link]
pelvic [link]
phalangeal [link]
proximal humerus [link], [link]
scaphoid [link], [link], [link]
tibial plateau [link]
trochanteric [link]
oblique [link]
oblique transverse/butterfly [link]
osteochondral [link]
adolescents [link]
patellar dislocation [link]
talus [link], [link]
osteoporotic [link]
patellar [link], [link]
children [link], [link]
pathological [link], [link]
generalized [link]
investigation and diagnosis [link]
localized [link]
management [link]
pelvic, acetabular [link]
shoulder [link]
ribs [link]
acromial [link], [link]
periprosthetic [link]
proximal humerus [link], [link]
reverse geometry replacement [link], [link]
scapular [link]
children [link]
lumbar [link]
sacral [link]
thoracolumbar [link]
spinal cervical [link], [link], [link], [link]
atlas [link]
C2 body [link], [link]
hangman’s fracture [link], [link], [link]
occipital condyle [link]
odontoid [link]
spiral [link]
stress see stress fractures
thoracic [link]
children [link]
plafond [link]
plateau [link]
shaft [link]
transverse [link]
wrist, scaphoid [link], [link]
framing bias [link]
free tissue transfers [link]
free-body diagram [link]
drawing of [link]
Freeman-Sheldon whistling face syndrome [link], [link], [link]
Freiberg’s disease [link]
fresh frozen plasma [link]
Friedreich ataxia [link], [link]
Froment’s sign [link]
frozen shoulder [link], [link], [link]
arthroscopy [link], [link]
Codman’s criteria [link]
surgery [link]
contraindications [link]
indications [link]
procedure [link]
treatment [link]
Fulkerson osteotomy [link]
fungal infections
hand [link]
spine [link]
cervical [link]
whiplash injuries [link]
costoplasty [link]
subtalar [link], [link]
talonavicular [link]
triple [link], [link]
intercarpal [link]
post-traumatic kyphosis
anterior-only with/without decompression [link]
posterior-only [link]
scaphocapitate [link]
scaphotrapeziotrapezoid [link]
scapulothoracic [link]
spinal [link], [link], [link]
crankshaft phenomenon [link]
iatrogenic scoliosis [link]
Steinman pin [link]
wrist [link]