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facial angiofibromas, MEN 1 [link]
facilitated anabolism’ [link]
factitious hypoglycaemia [link]
fallopian sperm perfusion (FSP) [link]
falls, in elderly [link]
familial adenomatous polyposis
adrenocortical cancer association [link], [link]
thyroid cancer [link]
familial advanced sleep phase syndrome (FASPS) [link]
familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy, transthyretin mutation [link]
familial benign hypercalcaemia see familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia (FHH)
familial benign hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia see familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia (FHH)
familial defective apoB-100 [link]
familial dysalbuminaemic hyperthyroxinaemia (FDH) [link]
familial gestational hyperthyroidism [link]
familial glucocorticoid deficiency (FGD) [link], [link]
aetiology and molecular genetics [link]
clinical presentation [link]
diagnosis [link]
differential diagnosis [link]
management [link]
type 1 [link]
type 2 [link]
type 3 [link]
familial hypercholesterolaemia [link]
frequency [link]
clinicopathological features [link]
treatment [link]
homozygous [link]
atherosclerosis [link], [link]
clinicopathological features [link]
treatment [link]
laboratory diagnosis [link]
LDL receptor deficiency [link]
lipoprotein abnormalities [link]
mortality/prognosis [link]
mutations associated [link]
treatment [link]
in children [link]
effect on outcome [link]
nonpharmacological [link], [link]
familial hyperkalaemic hypertension [link]
familial hypertension [link]
familial hypocalciuric hypercalcaemia (FHH) [link], [link], [link]
biochemical features [link]
clinical features [link]
degree of hypercalcaemia [link]
diagnostic issues [link]
diagnostic work-up [link]
generalised calcium resistance [link]
hypercalcaemia [link], [link]
management issues [link]
maternal [link]
molecular genetics [link]
expanding clinical presentation [link]
genotype–phenotype relationships [link]
mutation functional impacts [link]
parathyroid adenoma and [link]
prevalence [link]
primary hyperparathyroidism vs. [link], [link], [link]
renal tubular calcium reabsorption [link], [link]
renal tubular magnesium reabsorption [link], [link]
severe neonatal hyperparathyroidism [link]
familial hypokalaemic hypotensive metabolic acidosis [link]
familial hypokalaemic periodic paralysis (FHPP) [link], [link]
familial hypomagnesaemia [link]
familial isolated hypoparathyroidism [link]
familial isolated pituitary adenoma [link]
acromegaly [link]
familial Mediterranean fever (FMF), male reproductive dysfunction [link]
familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (FMTC) [link], [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
diagnosis [link]
familial partial lipodystrophies (FPLD) [link]
FPLD1 [link]
FPLD2 [link]
FPLD3 [link]
familial short stature (FSS) [link]
family history
breast cancer, HRT use and [link]
ketosis-prone atypical diabetes [link]
type 2 diabetes risk [link], [link]
family support, for diabetic adolescents [link]
family-based association tests [link]
Fanconi’s syndrome, rickets/osteomalacia due to [link], [link]
Fas ligand
autoimmune thyroid disease [link]
as immune suppressor, in testis [link]
72-hr fast, insulinoma diagnosis [link], [link]
metabolic changes [link], [link]
children [link]
thyroid hormone changes [link]
fasting plasma glucose see glucose, blood
fasting study, childhood hypoglycaemia [link]
fat(s) (dietary)
type 2 diabetes [link]
see also lipid(s)
fat accumulation
HIV infection [link], [link]
liver [link], [link]
fat atrophy, HIV infection [link], [link]
fat distribution [link]
abdominal [link], [link]
HIV infection [link], [link], [link]
insulin resistance in muscle [link]
metabolic syndrome [link]
in metabolic syndrome [link]
see also obesity
familial partial lipodystrophies [link]
gender differences [link]
HAART effect in HIV infection [link]
insulin resistance and [link]
South Asians [link]
subcutaneous, South Asians, and diabetes risk [link]
visceral [link]
diabetic macrovascular disease [link]
HIV infection [link], [link]
insulin resistance and [link], [link]
fat loss, familial partial lipodystrophies [link], [link]
fat mass, ageing effect [link]
fat pads, mammary gland [link]
fatigue damage, bone [link]
fatty acids [link]
in hepatocytes, type 2 diabetes [link]
intake, pregnancy outcome and [link]
b-oxidation [link]
oxidation defects, hypoglycaemia due to [link], [link]
reduced, by thiazolidinediones [link]
fatty acyl-CoA, insulin sensitivity regulation [link]
fatty streaks, in diabetic macrovascular disease [link]
Fc receptor like 3 (FCRL3), autoimmune disease [link]
FDG–positron emission tomography
adrenocortical cancer [link]
phaeochromocytomas [link], [link]
female fertility
abnormalities see female infertility
congenital adrenal hyperplasia [link], [link], [link]
ovarian ageing and [link]
in cancer therapy [link]
Turner’s syndrome [link]
female infertility
cancer therapy-associated [link], [link], [link]
endometriosis-associated [link], [link]
epidemiology [link]
fibroid-associated [link]
investigation [link]
cryopreservation see under cryopreservation
endometriosis [link]
intrauterine insemination [link]
myomectomy [link]
polycystic ovary syndrome [link], [link]
premature ovarian failure [link], [link]
superovulation with intrauterine insemination [link]
surrogacy [link]
tubal infertility [link]
obesity-associated [link], [link]
polycystic ovary syndrome-associated [link], [link]
treatment outcomes
effect of obesity [link], [link]
effect of polycystic ovary syndrome [link], [link]
effect of undernutrition [link]
unexplained [link], [link]
female reproductive health
ageing effect [link]
cancer therapy effect on [link]
radiotherapy affecting [link]
female reproductive system
metastases to ovary [link]
thyrotoxicosis [link]
female virilization [link]
feminization [link]
in cirrhosis [link]
feminizing surgery, congenital adrenal hyperplasia [link], [link]
femoral neuropathy [link]
fenofibrate, in HIV infection [link]
Ferriman–Gallwey scoring system [link], [link]
ferritin [link], [link]
increased levels [link], [link]
ferrochelatase (FECH), partial deficiency [link]
ferrous iron [link]
age-related decline, males [link]
assessment/preservation after cancer therapy [link], [link]
chemotherapy effect [link]
congenital adrenal hyperplasia [link], [link], [link]
epididymis and [link]
female see female fertility
indices, semen analysis [link]
in cancer therapy [link]
Turner’s syndrome [link]
thyrotoxicosis [link]
see also infertility
fertilization [link]
inhibition by antisperm antibodies [link]
techniques [link]
minimum number of sperm for [link]
fetal distress, in diabetes [link]
fetal endocrinology
hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal axis [link]
hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis [link]
hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis [link], [link]
thyroid physiology [link]
fetal goitre [link]
fetal growth, maternal diabetes and [link]
fetal hyperthyroidism [link], [link]
laboratory investigations [link]
fetal hypothyroidism [link]
fetal malnutrition, metabolic syndrome and [link]
fetal outcomes, diabetes in pregnancy [link], [link], [link]
fetal testosterone
action [link]
biosynthesis [link], [link], [link]
peripheral conversion to dihydrotestosterone [link], [link]
fetal thyroid disease, imaging [link]
fetal thyrotoxicosis see fetal hyperthyroidism
a-fetoprotein, serum levels, gynaecomastia evaluation [link]
calcium requirements [link]
calcium-regulating system [link]
determining labour timing [link]
skeletal development [link]
thyroid hormone supply [link]
FGFR1 (fibroblast growth factor receptor 1) gene, mutations [link], [link], [link]
in diabetes [link]
NODAT screening with [link]
fibrinogen, plasma levels [link]
fibrinoid cap, diabetic nephropathy [link]
fibroadenoma of breast
Cowden’s syndrome [link]
management [link]
fibroblast growth factor(s), pituitary tumour pathogenesis [link]
fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2), translational control [link]
fibroblast growth factor 4 (FGF4), prolactinoma pathogenesis [link]
fibroblast growth factor 8 (FGF8)
mutations, Kallmann’s syndrome [link]
Rathke’s pouch induction [link]
fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23) [link]
fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 (FGFR1) gene, mutations [link], [link]
Kallmann’s syndrome [link]
fibrogenesis imperfecta ossium [link]
fibroids see uterine fibroids
fibrosis, neuroendocrine tumour-related [link], [link]
fibrous dysplasia, McCune–Albright syndrome [link], [link], [link]
fight of flight response’ [link]
FIGO prognostic scoring system, gestational trophoblastic neoplasia [link]
finasteride, hirsutism management [link]
fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB)
adrenal incidentalomas [link]
diagnostic accuracy [link]
primary hyperparathyroidism [link]
technique [link]
thyroid carcinoma [link], [link]
thyroid nodule, single [link], [link], [link]
fish, as model vertebrate species [link]
flatbush diabetes’ [link], [link]
flexor tenosynovitis [link]
Floating–Harbor syndrome [link]
9a-fludrocortisone, adrenal insufficiency management [link], [link]
21-hydroxylase deficiency [link]
fludrocortisone suppression test, primary aldosteronism [link]
fluid balance, hypothalamic dysfunction [link]
fluid retention, growth hormone replacement therapy [link]
fluid therapy
DKA and HONK [link], [link], [link]
during insulin infusions [link]
surgery in diabetes [link]
thyrotoxic storm [link]
fluorescein angiography, diabetic retinopathy [link]
fluorescence, blood glucose monitoring [link]
fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) [link]
sperm chromosomal analysis [link]
fluoride, osteomalacia risk [link]
[18F]2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose [link]
5-fluorouracil, glucagonoma management [link]
fluoxetine, premenstrual syndrome management [link]
hirsutism management [link]
male-to-female transsexuals [link]
prostate cancer therapy [link]
side effects [link]
foam cells [link], [link]
focal breast lesions, evaluation [link]
focal thyroiditis [link], [link]
clinical features [link]
pathological features [link]
folate, pregnancy outcome and [link]
follicles, ovarian see ovarian follicles
follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) [link], [link], [link]
adenomas producing [link]
age-related increase in men [link]
alcohol consumption, postmenopausal women [link]
anorexia nervosa [link]
b subunit (FSHb), gene mutations [link], [link]
childhood levels [link]
in critical illness [link]
decreased/low levels
haemochromatosis [link]
hypogonadism [link]
defective action in polycystic ovary syndrome [link]
elevated levels
hypogonadism [link]
perimenopausal [link], [link]
postmenopausal [link]
radiotherapy effect [link]
Sertoli cell-only syndrome [link]
XX male [link]
evaluation in hypogonadism [link]
exogenous, in vitro fertilization superovulation [link]
functional hypothalamic anovulation [link]
half-life [link]
highly purified recombinant [link]
highly purified urinary, spermatogenesis induction [link]
male fertility assessment [link]
male fertility induction [link]
premature ovarian failure evaluation [link]
premature sexual maturation evaluation [link], [link]
mechanism of action and effects [link]
mid-reproductive years [link]
negative feedback [link]
normal levels, azoospermia with [link], [link]
perimenopausal elevation [link], [link]
postmenopausal increase [link]
producing cell see gonadotrophs
receptors [link]
defects, abnormal pubertal development [link]
release stimulated by GnRH [link]
signalling pathways [link], [link]
in spermatogenesis [link]
structure [link], [link]
surge [link]
cells producing [link]
inhibin/activin regulating [link]
threshold hypothesis [link]
Turner’s syndrome levels [link]
follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) producing adenomas [link]
follicular cells, pituitary [link]
follicular neoplasm, thyroid [link], [link]
follicular phase, menstrual cycle [link]
follicular thyroid adenoma
MRI [link]
mutations [link]
follicular thyroid carcinoma [link], [link]
blood vessel invasion [link]
diagnosis [link]
gross examination [link]
incidence [link]
metastatic, laboratory investigations [link]
microscopic appearance [link]
mutations [link]
pathology [link]
prognostic indicators [link], [link]
folliculo-stellate cells [link], [link]
follistatin [link]
food intake
hypercaloric, VLDL levels [link]
lipid transport [link]
see also diet
food intake regulation
anorectic factors inhibiting [link]
see also leptin
by gut hormones [link]
orexigenic factors stimulating [link]
thyroid hormone role [link]
diabetic see diabetic foot
pink, painful, pulseless [link]
foot care, in diabetes [link]
foot drop, in diabetes [link]
foot protection programme [link], [link]
foot pulses [link]
footwear, in diabetes [link], [link]
foramen of Monro occlusion, optico-hypothalamic gliomas [link]
forced duction test, Graves’ ophthalmopathy [link]
formestane, structure [link]
fornix (hippocampus-hypothalamic fibres) [link]
fourth pharyngeal pouch [link]
FOXE1 gene, congenital hypothyroidism [link]
FoxM1 [link]
FoxP3 deficiency [link]
FOXP3 gene, thyroid autoimmunity [link]
fractionated radiotherapy
external pituitary, Cushing’s syndrome [link]
suprasellar germinomas [link]
fractionated stereotactic conformal radiotherapy (fSCRT), pituitary gland [link]
fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy (fSRT)
clinically nonfunctioning pituitary tumours [link]
pituitary gland [link]
in elderly [link], [link]
forceful [link]
growth hormone deficiency [link], [link]
growth hormone replacement therapy [link]
hip [link]
minimal trauma [link]
osteoporotic see osteoporotic fractures
pathogenesis [link]
previous, as risk predictors [link], [link]
primary hyperparathyroidism [link]
risk, thyroid status and [link]
hypothyroidism [link], [link], [link]
patients treated for hypothyroidism [link]
patients treated for thyrotoxicosis [link]
subclinical hyperthyroidism [link]
thyrotoxicosis [link], [link], [link]
risk calculator [link], [link]
risk in HIV infection [link]
risk prediction
bone densitometry [link]
case finding [link], [link]
spine [link], [link]
stress [link]
treatment [link]
vertebral [link]
fragile X syndrome, male reproductive dysfunction [link]
frameless stereotaxy, transsphenoidal pituitary tumour surgery [link]
Framingham CV risk function [link]
freckles, lentigines vs. [link]
free androgen index (FAI) [link]
anorexia nervosa [link]
free fatty acids (FFA) [link]
in diabetes [link]
cirrhosis [link]
HIV infection [link]
mobilization, in starvation [link]
free hormone hypothesis’ [link]
free (nonprotein bound) immunoassays [link]
single-step [link]
two-step [link]
free radicals
infections in diabetic foot [link]
nontoxic goitre [link]
free running rhythms, definition [link]
frozen shoulder [link]
fructosamine [link]
hereditary intolerance [link]
metabolism [link]
disorders [link]
in semen [link]
fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase, deficiency [link]
fructose-1-phosphate [link]
fructosuria, essential [link]
fruit/vegetables, type 2 diabetes [link]
frusemide see furosemide
FTO genes, in South Asians [link]
Fuga rubripes, PTH gene [link]
fulvestrant [link], [link]
breast cancer treatment [link], [link]
efficacy in advanced breast cancer [link]
pharmacology [link]
functional hypothalamic anovulation (FHA) [link], [link], [link]
diagnosis [link]
epidemiology [link]
pathogenesis [link]
role of behavioural variables [link]
treatment [link]
functional metastatic thyroid carcinomas, thyrotoxicosis [link]
fundoscopy, diabetic retinopathy [link]
hypercalcaemia [link]
children [link]
hypercalcaemia of malignancy [link]
thyroid function effects [link]