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Tables and figures are indicated by an italic t and f following the page/paragraph number.

A2780 drug resistant cell line studies, [link], [link]
abagovomab, [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link], [link]t
ABBV-428, [link]t
Abiko, K., [link]
acetylsalicylic acid, [link]t
adaptive immune response, [link], [link]f, [link], [link], [link]f
adoptive immunotherapy
clinical trials, [link], [link], [link]t
for epithelial ovarian cancers, [link][link], [link][link]f
HLA unrestricted, [link][link]
metastatic cancer, [link]t, [link]
overview, [link][link]
process of, [link][link], [link][link]f
T cells, ex vivo expanded, [link]t, [link]
T cell transfer, [link][link], [link]f, [link]f, [link][link], [link], [link]t
adriamycin, [link]
afamin, as biomarker, [link][link]
aldesleukin (IL-2), [link]
alternative pathway, complement activation, [link][link], [link]f
AM0010, [link]t
amatuximab, [link], [link]t, [link], [link]t
anti-B7-H3 clinical trials, [link]t
antibody-based therapy
antibody-drug conjugates, [link][link]
anti-Ep-CAM in, [link][link], [link]t
anti-folate receptor-α‎, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]t, [link]
antigenic targets, [link][link]
antigen selection, [link]
anti-mesothelin antibodies, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]t
chemotherapy combined with, [link]
clinical trials, [link]t
development of, [link][link], [link]f
HAMA response in, [link], [link]
immunocytokines, [link][link], [link]f
MUC16-drug conjugates, [link]
in ovarian cancer, [link][link]
overview, [link]
therapeutic antibodies, [link][link], [link]f, [link][link], [link]t
antibody-cytokine conjugates, [link][link], [link]f
antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity, [link]f, [link][link], [link][link], [link]f, [link], [link]
antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis, [link]f, [link][link]
anti-CD27, [link]t
anti-CSF1R clinical trials, [link]t
anti-CTLA-4 clinical trials, [link]t
Antide, [link][link], [link]f, [link]t
anti-folate receptor-α‎ antibodies, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]
antigen binding (Fab) region, [link][link], [link]f
antigen presenting cells (APCs), [link]
anti-IDO clinical trials, [link]t
anti-LAG-3, [link], [link]t
anti-mesothelin antibodies, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]t
anti-milk fat globulin antibodies, [link]
anti-MUC16 antibodies, [link], [link][link]f, [link][link]. See also [link]
anti-tumor immunity, [link]f, [link][link]
Aoki, Y., [link]
apolipoprotein A-IV, as biomarker, [link]
apoptotic tumor cells, in DC vaccines, [link][link]
ARID1A, [link], [link]
atezolizumab, [link]t, [link]t
AURELIA trial, [link], [link], [link]
Avastin. See [link]
α‎Vβ‎3, [link][link]
avelumab (MSB0010718C)
characterization, [link]t, [link][link], [link]
clinical trials, [link]t, [link]t, [link]t, [link]t, [link]
azacitidine, [link][link]t

B7-H4, [link]t
Bagnoli, M., [link]
Baldwin, L. A., [link]
Bapsy, P. P., [link]t
Bb protein, [link]t
B cells structure, function of, [link], [link][link]
Belli, F., [link][link]
Berger, R., [link]
bevacizumab (Avastin)
characterization, [link]t, [link][link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t
clinical trials, [link]t, [link], [link][link]t, [link][link]
FANG vaccine and, [link], [link]t
mechanism of action, [link]
therapy classification, [link]
β‎1 integrins, in tumor microenvironment, [link][link]
β‎-tubulin as resistance mechanism, [link]
Bindarit®, [link]
described, [link]
early detection, [link][link]
gene-based, [link], [link]t
gene expression profiling, [link][link]
histologic subtypes and, [link]
inflammatory markers, [link]
inherited genetic alterations, [link][link], [link]f
metabolomics and, [link]
microRNAs (miRNAs) as, [link][link], [link]t
monoclonal antibodies, [link]
prognostic value, [link], [link]
protein/peptide-based, [link][link]
recurrence surveillance, [link]
screening tests, [link][link], [link]f
in treatment, [link][link]
BMS-936558. See [link]
BMS-936559, [link]t, [link]t, [link]
BRCA1/BRCA2, [link][link], [link]t, [link], [link]t
Brossart, P., [link]t
Buckanovitch, R. J., [link]t

C1q protein, [link]t, [link]
C3a protein, [link][link], [link]t
C3 protein, [link]t
C5a protein, [link][link], [link]t
CA 125
in antibody-based therapy, [link], [link][link]f, [link][link], [link], [link]t
as biomarker, [link][link], [link][link], [link], [link], [link]
cell surface, shed forms of, [link]f
clinical trials, [link], [link]t
development of, [link][link]
in immunosuppression, [link], [link]f
molecular organization of, [link]f
NK cell inhibition by, [link]
structure, function of, [link], [link][link]f, [link][link]
in tumor microenvironment, [link]
CA [link]
epitope structure elucidation, [link][link], [link]
gene regulation effects, [link][link], [link][link]f
human serum protein components interactions, [link][link]
immunodiagnostic applications, [link][link], [link]t
Callahan, M. K., [link]t
calreticulin, [link]t
Cancer Genome Atlas Network, [link]
cancer immunoediting, [link]
carboplatin, clinical trials, [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]t, [link][link]t, [link], [link], [link], [link]t
carcinoembryonic antigen glypican-3, [link][link]
carcinoma-associated mesenchymal stem cells (CA-MSCs), [link]
Carlsten, M., [link]
CAR T cells, [link]t, [link]. See also [link]
catumaxomab, [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]
CC-486, [link]t
CD44 as resistance mechanism, [link]
CD95L expression, [link], [link]t
CD137 (4-1BB), [link][link]
CD157, [link]
CDX-1401, [link], [link]t
cediranib, [link], [link]t, [link]
cetuximab, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]f, [link]t
Chang, H., [link]
checkpoint inhibitors
adverse events, [link]
clinical trials, [link][link], [link][link]
DC vaccine therapy, [link]
HSP vaccine therapy, [link][link], [link]f
metastatic cancer, [link][link], [link][link], [link]t
monoclonal antibodies, [link][link], [link]t
PD-1/PD-L1, [link], [link], [link]
chemoattractants, [link]
chemokines, [link], [link]
chemotherapy, [link], [link][link]. See also specific agents
Chiang, C. L., [link]t
chimeric antigen receptors (CARs)
in adoptive therapy, [link][link], [link][link]f, [link]t, [link]
in antigen-based therapy, [link], [link][link]
clinical trials, [link], [link]t
Chu, C. S., [link]t, [link]
cisplatin, [link], [link], [link]t
Clarke, B., [link]t
classical pathway, complement activation, [link][link], [link]f
CM-24 (MK-6018), [link]t
cobimetinib, [link]t
collagen, in tumor microenvironment, [link][link]
colony-stimulating factor 1 (CSF1), CSF1 receptor (CSF1R), [link]t
complementarity-determining regions (CDRs), [link]
complement cascade, [link][link], [link]f
complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC), [link]f, [link], [link][link], [link]f
constant fragment (Fc) region, [link], [link]f, [link][link]
Coosemans, A., [link]t
COX inhibition, [link]
C-reactive protein (CRP), as biomarker, [link]
CSF1R inhibitors, [link]t
in adoptive immunotherapy, [link], [link]f
in antibody-based therapy, [link][link], [link]f, [link][link], [link]t
clinical trials, [link][link], [link]t
in DC vaccine therapy, [link]
expression of, [link]
in HSP vaccine therapy, [link][link], [link]
in immunosuppression, [link]f, [link][link]
therapeutic targeting, [link][link], [link]t, [link], [link]t
CTL assays, in DC vaccine therapy, [link]
Curiel, T. J., [link]t
CVac, [link]
CXCL12, [link], [link]
CXCR4, [link]
CXCR6, [link]
cyclooxygenase pathway, [link], [link]f
cyclophosphamide, [link], [link], [link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]
cytokine induced killer (CIK) cells, [link], [link][link]
cytokines. See also specific cytokines
clinical trials, [link][link], [link]t
cytokine-antibody conjugates, [link][link], [link]f, [link]
immune suppressive, production of, [link][link]
pegylated liposomal doxorubicin, [link][link], [link][link]t, [link][link]t, [link], [link]t
production assessment, in DC vaccine therapy, [link]
recombinant, in metastatic cancer, [link]t, [link][link]
structure, function, [link]
suppressive, expression of, [link], [link]
in tumor microenvironment, [link][link], [link]

daclizumab (Zenapax®), [link]
DC-tumor fusion vaccines, [link]
decitabine, [link]t, [link]
defactinib, [link]t
delayed type-hypersensitivity, in DC vaccine therapy, [link]
demcizumab, [link]
dendritic cells, structure/function, [link][link], [link]f, [link]
dendritic cell vaccine therapy
activation uptake, [link]
administration routes, [link][link]
antigen loading strategies, [link]
antigen sources, [link]t, [link][link]
biology of, [link]
CD8+ response regulation, [link]
checkpoint inhibitors, [link]
classical, [link]
clinical efficiency, [link][link]
clinical trials, [link], [link][link], [link][link]t, [link][link], [link]t
cutaneous (Langerhans), [link][link]
development of, [link], [link][link], [link]f
ex vivo antigen sources, [link]t, [link]
follicular, [link]
immune stimulation, [link][link]
in immunosuppression, [link][link], [link]t, [link]f
limitations of, [link]
maturation, [link][link]
in metastatic cancer, [link]t, [link][link]
plasmacytoid, [link]
presentation, [link]
processing, [link]
proteins produced by, [link]t
response assessment, [link][link]
subsets, [link][link], [link][link]t
surface markers, [link]t
T cell costimulation enhancement, [link][link]
Th1/Th2 responses, [link][link]
treatment-related toxicity, [link][link], [link]t
Treg inhibition, [link][link]
tumor cell fusions, [link]
tumor lysate types, [link][link]
in vivo antigen sources, [link]t, [link]
denileukin diftitox, [link][link], [link]t
Dijkgraaf, E. M., [link]
DMUC5754A, [link]
docetaxel, [link]
Dong, H., [link]t
doxorubicin, [link]
DPX-0907 (DepoVax), [link]
DPX-Survivac vaccine, [link]t
drug resistance, miRNA and, [link]
durvalumab, [link], [link][link]t, [link]t

E39/J65, [link], [link]t
EGFR, [link]t
EG-VEGF, [link]
elimination phase, [link]
endothelin-B receptor, [link][link], [link]t
enoblituzumab, [link]t
entinostat, [link]t
epacadostat, [link][link]t
equilibrium phase, [link]
erythropoietin, [link]
extracellular matrix (ECM), in tumor microenvironment, [link]
extravasation, [link]

FAK inhibitors, [link]t
FANG, [link], [link]t
farletuzumab (MORab003), [link]t, [link], [link], [link]t, [link]t, [link], [link]t
Fas receptor, [link]
FGF/FGFR axis, [link]
fibroblast activation protein (FAP), [link]
fibroblasts in tumor microenvironment, [link][link], [link]
first apoptosis signal (Fas), [link]
5-fluorouracil, [link]
5T4 antigen, [link], [link]t
flow cytometry, [link]
fludarabine, [link]t
folate receptor 1 (FOLR1), as biomarker, [link][link]
folate receptor-α‎ (FR–α‎), [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]t, [link], [link]t
FOLR3, as biomarker, [link]
fovista, [link]
FPA008, [link]t
Fu, S., [link]
Fujita, K., [link]
Furuya, M., [link]

ganglioside GD3, [link]
Gao, Y., [link]
GDC-0919, [link]t
gemcitabine, [link][link]t
gene expression profiling, [link][link]
Gercel-Taylor, C., [link]
binding specificity, affinity, [link]
bioequivalent functional roles of, [link][link], [link]f
characterization, [link], [link]
gene regulation effects, [link], [link]t
MGHR106 bioequivalence, [link][link], [link]t
preclinical proof of concept studies, [link]
receptor expression studies, [link]
GOG trials, [link]
Gottlieb, C. E., [link]
granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF), [link]
granulocytes, [link]
growth factors
EG-VEGF, [link]
FGF/FGFR axis, [link]
nerve growth factor (NGF), [link]
overview, [link]
PDGF BB type, characterization, [link][link]
PDGF BB type, evaluation of, [link][link]f, [link][link], [link][link]t, [link]f
in tumor microenvironment, [link][link]

Hamanishi, J., [link]t, [link]t, [link][link], [link]
HAMA response in antibody-based therapy, [link], [link]
Han, L. Y., [link]t
Hazama, S., [link]
heat shock proteins. See [link]
hepsin 48–84 sequence, [link]
Her2, [link]t, [link], [link]t
Her2/neu, [link], [link]t
Hernando, J. J., [link], [link]t
herpesvirus vector, [link], [link]t
histone deacetylase inhibitors, [link]t
HLA unrestricted immunotherapy, [link][link]
hMLH-1, [link][link], [link]f
hMSH2, [link][link], [link]f
hMSH6, [link][link], [link]f
Homma, S., [link], [link]t
hPMS2, [link][link], [link]f
HSP40, [link]t
HSP47, [link]t
HSP60, [link]t
HSP70. See under [link]
HSP90, [link]t, [link]
HSP100, [link]t
HSP vaccine therapy
administration strategies, [link][link]
adverse events, [link]
CD8+ tumor rejection, [link]
checkpoint inhibitors, [link][link], [link]f
clinical applications, [link][link], [link]t, [link]f
combination, [link][link], [link]f
DC preparation, [link][link], [link]f, [link]t
DC vaccine development, [link], [link][link], [link]f
exosomes in transport, [link][link], [link]f
HSP70 as chaperone, [link][link], [link]
HSP70-PC, [link], [link][link]
HSP70-peptide complex, [link][link]
HSP expression in cancer, [link][link], [link]t
HSP families, [link]t
hyperthermia role in, [link][link], [link]
limitations of, [link][link]
MHC class I cells and, [link], [link]t, [link], [link]
NK cells role in, [link][link], [link]t
Treg cells role in, [link]
tumor escape, [link]
hTERT, in HSP vaccine delivery, [link][link], [link]t
Hu14.18-IL2, [link][link]
human epididymis 4 (HE4), [link], [link], [link], [link]t
humanized antibodies (huMAb), [link]
human leukocyte antigens (HLA), [link]
hyaluronic acid (HA), in tumor microenvironment, [link]
hyperthermia, [link][link], [link]
hypoxia, [link], [link]

ICON7 trial, [link], [link]
ID8 mouse cell line studies, [link]
IFN-α‎, [link][link], [link], [link]t
IGFBP-2, [link]t
imatinib, [link]
IMGN853, [link]t
immune-checkpoint inhibitors. See [link]
immune escape, [link], [link], [link], [link][link]
immune memory, [link]
immune surveillance theory, [link]
immunocytokines, [link][link], [link]f
immunoglobulins structure, function, [link][link], [link]f
immunology principles, [link][link], [link]f
antagonists, agonists in, [link][link]
CA-125 in, [link], [link]f
in carcinogenesis, [link]
COX-2 in, [link][link], [link]f, [link]
CTLA-4 in, [link]f, [link][link]
enzyme repression in, [link]
immune cells role in, [link][link], [link]t
immune escape in, [link], [link], [link], [link][link]
immunomodulatory tools in, [link][link]
NK cells in, [link][link], [link]t, [link]f, [link]
PD-1/PD-L1 in, [link], [link], [link]f, [link][link]
PGE2 in, [link][link], [link]f, [link]
regulatory cell deplete recruitment, [link], [link]
soluble/cellular factors in, [link][link], [link]f
stromal cells role in, [link][link], [link]t
tumor-associated antigens (TAA) and, [link][link]
tumor cell detection, [link]
tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) and, [link], [link]t
immunosurveillance, [link][link], [link]t
INCB024360, [link]
incessant menstruation theory, [link][link], [link]f
incessant ovulation theory, [link]
indolamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO)
clinical trials, [link], [link]t
expression of, [link]
in immunosuppression, [link], [link][link], [link]f, [link], [link]
indomethacin, [link]
innate immune response, [link], [link]f
integrins, in tumor microenvironment, [link][link]
interleukin-2 (IL-2)
CIK cells and, [link], [link]
clinical trials, [link], [link], [link], [link], [link], [link]
Hu14.18-IL2, [link][link]
as monotherapy, [link]
in tumor microenvironment, [link]
interleukin-6 (IL-6)
in antibody-based therapy, [link], [link]t, [link]
as biomarker, [link], [link]
in tumor microenvironment, [link][link], [link][link]
interleukin-8 (IL-8), [link][link]
interleukin-18 (IL-18), [link], [link]t
ipilimumab (Yervoy®)
in antibody-based therapy, [link], [link]t
characterization, [link]t
clinical trials, [link][link]t, [link]t
in immunosuppression, [link][link]
structure, function, [link], [link]t, [link], [link]t
Iwai, Y., [link]
Iwanicki, M. P., [link]

K-562 cell line studies, [link]
Kacinski, B. M., [link]
kallikreins, as biomarker, [link]
KEYNOTE-028, [link]
KEYNOTE-028 trial, [link]
KLK4, [link]
KLK5, [link]
KLK6, [link]
KLK7, [link]
Kobayashi, M., [link]t, [link]
Kobel, M., [link]
Kryczek, I., [link]t, [link]t
kynurenine, [link], [link]

Labidi-Galy, S. I., [link]t
LAG-3 inhibition, [link], [link]t
lectin pathway, complement activation, [link][link], [link]f
Lederle, W., [link]
Leffers, N., [link]t
leukocytes, [link], [link]f
Lisanti, M. P., [link]
Liu, J., [link]
Liu, Z., [link]
Loveland, B. E., [link]t, [link]
Lu, C., [link]
lymphokine activated killer cells (LAKs)
in adoptive immunotherapy, [link], [link], [link]
IL2 toxicity and, [link], [link]
lynparza, [link]
lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), [link][link]

MAB-B43.13, [link], [link], [link]
Macchio, AS., [link]
MAC protein, [link]t
MAGE, [link], [link]t
major histocompatibility complex (MHC)
expression of, [link]
HSP vaccine therapy and, [link], [link]t, [link], [link]
structure, function of, [link], [link]f, [link]
MALDI-TOF, [link]
mammaglobin B, [link]t
Mantia-Smaldone, G., [link]
Masoumi-Moghaddam, S., [link]
Matei, D., [link]
matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), [link], [link], [link]
McGillivray, R. W., [link]
measles virus, [link], [link]t
Medawar, P. B., [link]
MEDI4736, [link], [link]t, [link]t
megakaryocyte-potentiating factor (MPF), [link]
in antibody-based therapy, [link], [link][link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]t
as biomarker, [link]
characterization, [link]t
metastatic cancer
adoptive cell therapy, [link]t, [link]
antibodies as therapy, [link], [link]t
checkpoint inhibitors, [link][link], [link][link], [link]t
clinical trials, [link]
cytokine production, [link][link]
dendritic cell vaccine therapy in, [link]t, [link][link]
immune suppressor expression, [link][link]
immunogenicity, [link][link], [link]f
immunology principles, [link][link], [link]f
immunotherapies, [link][link]
overview, [link]
protective mechanisms, [link][link], [link]
recombinant cytokines in, [link]t, [link][link]
suppressive cell recruitment, [link][link]
tumor antigen loss/downregulation, [link]
1-methyl-tryptophan, [link]
Mhawech-Fauceglia, P., [link]
microarrays, [link], [link][link]
microenvironment. See [link]
microRNAs (miRNAs), [link][link], [link]t
microsatellite instability, [link], [link]
microsatellites as biomarkers, [link][link], [link]f
microtubules as resistance mechanism, [link]
Milne, K., [link]t
MIMOSA study, [link]
Mitchel, P. L., [link]t, [link][link]
Mittica, G., [link]
MMAE, [link]
monoclonal antibodies. See also [link]; [link]
antibody structure, function, [link][link], [link]f
anti-milk fat globulin, [link]
clinical trials, [link][link]
immune-checkpoint receptors, [link][link], [link]t
mechanism of action, [link][link], [link]f
radioisotope-conjugated, [link]
therapy, development of, [link][link], [link]f
in antigen-based therapy, [link], [link], [link]f
structure, function of, [link], [link], [link]f, [link][link], [link]
in tumor microenvironment, [link], [link]
monomethyl aurastatin-e, [link]
MORab003 (farletuzumab), [link]t, [link], [link], [link]t, [link]t, [link], [link]t
MORAB-009 (amatuximab), [link], [link]t, [link], [link]t
Motz, G. T., [link]t
MPDL3280A, [link], [link]t
characterization, [link], [link]t
clinical trials, [link][link], [link]t
in HSP vaccine delivery, [link][link], [link]t, [link]
MUC4, [link]t
MUC16, [link], [link][link], [link]f, [link], [link]t, [link]t, [link]. See also [link]
multimer assay, in DC vaccine therapy, [link]
myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), [link]f, [link], [link]
myxoma virus, [link]

natural killer (NK) cells
in adaptive immune response, [link], [link], [link]f
in adoptive immunotherapy, [link], [link][link]
in antigen-based therapy, [link], [link], [link]f, [link]f
CA 125 inhibition of, [link]
CD95/NKG2 receptors and, [link]
in HSP vaccine therapy, [link][link], [link][link], [link]t
in immunosuppression, [link][link], [link]t, [link]f, [link]
KIR receptors and, [link], [link]
in metastatic cancer therapy, [link]t
prognostic value, [link]
structure, function of, [link][link], [link], [link]f, [link], [link]
natural killer T cells, [link]
NCT00602277, [link]
NCT01174121, [link]t
NCT01218867, [link]
NCT01335958, [link]
NCT01376505, [link]
NCT01471210, [link]
NCT01556841, [link]
NCT01567891, [link]
NCT01616303, [link]
NCT01631552, [link]
NCT01697527, [link]
NCT01772004, [link]t
NCT01778439, [link]
NCT01928394, [link]t
NCT01952249, [link]
NCT01968109, [link]
NCT01975831, [link]t
NCT01991210, [link]
NCT01997190, [link]
NCT02019524, [link]
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