Quarantine Management

Controlling the spread of COVID-19 is now the main aim of the global community. Below, we have collected a range of titles and chapters that explore the key public health strategies of infection control, quarantine management, and resource allocation, along with additional chapters that discuss the law and ethics of the ongoing lockdown.

The Oxford Textbook of Infectious Disease Control

Containing the Spread of Epidemics

The Surveillance of Communicable Diseases

Quarantine: Spatial Strategies

Vaccination: Interrupting Spatial Disease Transmission


Intervention: Modelling, Demographic Impact and the Public Health

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Practical aspects of prevention and control
from Manual of Infection Prevention and Control (4 edn)

Infection control
from Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (2 ed.)

Communicable disease epidemics
from Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice (3 edn)

Outbreak Investigations
from Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Principles of infectious disease control
from Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health (6 ed.)

Transmission-dynamic models of infectious diseases
from Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Oxford Specialist Handbooks)

Biological Incidents
from Oxford Manual of Major Incident Management

Public Policy and Infectious Disease Prevention and Control
from Prevention, Policy, and Public Health

Global disasters and risk reduction strategies
from Health Protection: Principles and practice

Emergency Ethics: Public Health Prepardness and Response

Ethical Aspects of Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response

Justice, Resource Allocation, and Emergency Preparedness: Issues Regarding Stockpiling

Vulnerable Populations in the Context of Public Health Emergency Preparedness Planning and Response

Public Engagement in Emergency Preparedness and Response: Ethical Perspectives in Public Health Practice

Professional, Civic, and Personal Obligations in Public Health Emergency Planning and Response

Research in a Public Health Crisis: The Integrative Approach to Managing the Moral Tensions

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Management of pandemic critical illness
from Oxford Textbook of Critical Care (2 ed.)

Managing major incidents and preparing for pandemics
from Critical Care Nursing: Science and Practice (3 ed.)

Philosophical and Ethical Foundations of Public Health
from Global Public Health: Ecological Foundations

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