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Edited by John Firth, Christopher Conlon, and 
Timothy Cox

More comprehensive, more authoritative, and more international than any other textbook.


  • Recognised around the world as the ultimate reference to the whole of medicine
  • The very best in international medicine from over 900 of the world's greatest clinicians and medical scientists
  • Unparalleled integration of basic science and clinical practice
  • The most comprehensive coverage of infectious diseases to be found in any textbook of medicine


New to this edition


 Purchasers of the print version of the sixth edition will have FREE ACCESS on Oxford Medicine Online to all the content, including regular updates for the life of the edition.


  • 96 brand new chapters and nearly 1500 more pages
  • A new foreword by Professor Sir John Bell 
  •  Several new chapters:
  • 259 videos, many of them brand new, e. g.: Neurology (47  (10 new) , Respiratory medicine – 6 (5 new)  and Gastroenterology -  6 (4 new)


What are people saying about the Oxford Textbook of Medicine?

The bible for general medicine.” - Consultant, USA

“I would highly recommend it. It’s precise, detailed, accurate and short. … It doesn’t take you long to find exactly what you need.” - Consultant, Saudi Arabia

For updates, I always go to OTM first". - Consultant Cardiologist, UK

It’s useful for both the management and the classification of symptoms”. - Resident, India

An excellent text. Your go-to comprehensive textbook in general medicine.” - Senior Specialist Registrar, UK

I used it as a student and a newly qualified doctor. The detail is fantastic; it prepared me so well for professional practice.” - Specialist Registrar, UK

Many hospitals worldwide don’t have access to online journals; it would cost a fortune to subscribe. So, access to the OTM is very important, and affordable.” - Staff Surgeon, USA

It gives me the confidence to teach a topic outside my speciality.” - Clinical Teaching Fellow, UK

It keeps me up to date – especially for a refresher in an area outside my specialism.” - Consultant, Saudi Arabia

For clinical practice, you need something like OTM, which is digestible. It is essential these days as roles are more pressurized.” - Specialist Registrar, UK

You know you are in good hands. It’s like a safety blanket having the OTM as a resource at your fingertips.” - Senior Specialist Registrar, UK