Mayo Clinic Toolkit

Oxford Medicine Online brings Mayo Clinic’s vast collection of medical knowledge online for the first time. The Mayo Clinic Toolkit provides essential self-testing functionality, necessary to prepare for and pass the Board Exams.


  • Quick and easy access to the full-text, images, and figures from high quality Mayo Clinic Scientific Press content
  • Online-only features include self-testing functionality - over 3,000 multiple choice questions help users to monitor their progress and prepare for the Board Exams
  • Links to references and further reading via PubMed, ISI, CrossRef, and the Oxford Index
  • Images and figures can be downloaded to PowerPoint—perfect for giving presentations

The Mayo Clinic Toolkit self-testing functionality ensure that students can test their knowledge and receive the practice they need to pass.

Preparing for the Neurology Boards? Explore free chapters from these titles:

Preparing for the Pulmonary Disease Exam? Explore a free chapter:

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Taking the Infectious Disease Exam? Explore a free chapter:

Taking the American Board of Preventative Medicine? Explore a free chapter:

* These titles also have interactive question and answer functionality

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