Immunization and Infectious Diseases

Vaccines are arguably one of the greatest achievements of modern medicine. Through the application of rigorous and controlled immunization strategies, the medical community has not only managed to save the lives of millions but also eradicate some of humanity's deadliest infections. Now, with the emergence of COVID-19, the medical community has rallied to do what it did so long ago to defeat Polio, MMR, and Smallpox. 

Including chapters from the Vaccine Handbook and the Oxford Textbook of Medicine, explore our latest collection on immunization below.

All chapters free until September 30th 2020.

Vaccination: Interrupting Spatial Disease Transmission
from Oxford Textbook of Infectious Disease Control: A Geographical Analysis from Medieval Quarantine to Global Eradication

Future Antiretrovirals, Immune-Based Strategies, and Therapeutic Vaccines
from Fundamentals of HIV Medicine 2019

Adult Immunizations
from Mayo Clinic Infectious Disease Board Review

Immunization of the immunocompromised child
from Manual of Childhood Infections: The Blue Book (4 ed.)

Health protection
from Oxford Handbook of Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (2 ed.)

Routine Vaccines for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
from The Vaccine Handbook

Vaccine evaluation: efficacy and adverse events
from Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Setting up a childhood immunization programme
from Setting up Community Health and Development Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings

Vaxess Technologies, Inc.
from Consumers, Corporations, and Public Health

Public Health and Civil Liberties: Resolving Conflicts
from Public Bioethics: Principles and Problems

from Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine

from Oxford Textbook of Medicine

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