Infectious Diseases in the 21st Century

With the rise of antimicrobial resistance, a growing mistrust in vaccinations, and the recent outbreaks of troubling exotic diseases, the work of epidemiologists has never been more crucial since the turn of the millennium.

Whether you are a new student or a seasoned professional, our content collection below offers crucial information on ten of the biggest challenges facing epidemiologists today.

All content in this list is free until December 3rd. 

from Manual of Childhood Infections

Clinical Suspension of Ebola
from Oxford Handbook of Humanitarian Medicine

Hepatitis C
from Paediatric Gastroenterology

Lyme Disease
from Infectious Disease Emergencies

Zika Virus
from Congenital and Perinatal Infections

from Health Protection: Principles and Practice

HIV Virology
from Fundamentals of HIV Medicine

from The Saint-Chopra Guide to Inpatient Medicine

Building Infection Prevention Programmes
from The Manual of Infection Prevention and Control

Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme
from Antimicrobial Stewardship

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