Emergency Medicine

Considered a demanding and fast-passed position, those that work in emergency medicine manage and diagnose urgent aspects of illness across the full spectrum of physical and behavioural emergencies. 

To help you keep up-to-date with the latest in emergency medicine, we have put together this content collection which aims to guide you through emergencies across both emergency and non-emergency specialties. From emergency medicine in a humanitarian crisis, to case-based legal and ethical dilemmas, enjoy the collection today.

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Sepsis Alert
from Pediatric Medical Emergencies


Case presentation: A previously healthy 4-year-old girl presents to the emergency department (ED) with complaints of fever and difficulty breathing.


Read the full case and what to do next here.

The cheek and orbit
from Head, Neck and Dental Emergencies (2 ed.)


This chapter examines the cheek and orbit and explains what problems can occur and their causes.

Assessment of Decision-Making Capacity: No and Yes
from Legal and Ethical Issues in Emergency Medicine


Case presentation: A 50-year-old woman comes into the emergency department (ED) with sudden, severe, dull/aching pain in her right shoulder for 1 hour.


Read the full case and what to do next here.

Personality Disorders as a Psychiatric Emergency
from A Case-Based Approach to Emergency Psychiatry 


It is usually not possible to diagnose someone with a personality disorder based on one brief encounter in the Emergency Department, but recognizing patterns of behavior can be helpful.


Read more here.

Neurosurgical and Neurologic Emergencies
from Anesthesia Emergencies (2 ed.)


From intercranial hypertension to spinal cord injuries, find out more about emergencies in neuroscience with this chapter.

Palliative Care Emergencies in Humanitarian Crises
from A Field Manual for Palliative Care in Humanitarian Crises


This chapter provides guidance to the approach and management of delivering palliative care in a humanitarian crisis in the context of limited access to diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the twenty-first century
from Challenging Concepts in Emergency Medicine: Cases with Expert Commentary


Presenting cases and questions regarding resuscitation for a person experiencing a cardiac arrest, read the experts' commentary here.

Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies
from Oxford Textbook of Medicine (6 ed.)


Read more about the diagnosis and complications associated with hypertensive urgencies and emergencies with this chapter.

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