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Studying medicine at undergraduate level and beyond is an exciting time for any prospective doctor. It can lead to immense self-development and you learn critical clinical and professional skills that will see you through your medical career.

Whether you are a seasoned student or about to start your training in September, our content collection below will equip you for your studies, from hot tips to essential reading and revision quizzes.



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Tips for Surviving and Thriving During the Foundation Programme


The Foundation Programme is an essential part of training for all UK medical graduates, and ensures that newly qualified doctors further their clinical and professional training in a workplace environment. Explore our factsheet outlining our top tips for surviving this daunting period of your medical career, taken from the latest edition of the Oxford Handbook for the Foundation Programme.



Multiple choice questions for the MRCP Part 1 [quiz]



The MRCP (UK) Part 1 exam is designed to test the skills, knowledge and behaviour of doctors in training. Taken during postgraduate training, it is sat over a day and features 200 multiple choice questions. Have a go at our quiz, written in a similar style to that of the exam, and check out our Best of Five MCQs for the MRCP Part 1 Pack to boost your revision.





The Situational Judgement Test Quiz


The Situational Judgement Test assesses the attributes of medical students, including their values on team-working, leadership and patient-centred care. Doing well in the test is essential to secure a good placement for the Foundation Programme. Use our quiz to get yourself familiar with the test, created using questions from Oxford Assess and Progress: Situational Judgement Test.



How to excel in medical interviews


The medical interview can be an intimidating prospect. We’ve collated an infographic of 10 tips, taken from our title Deconstructing the Interview, to help you to act professional and confident to impress your interviewer.




Back to Medical School: Essentials


Working out which books you will need for your medical studies is a difficult process. Consult our handy booklist to find titles that will enhance your revision and quick-reference handbooks, including our market-leading Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.




A Medic’s Guide to Essential Legal Matters – Quiz


Legality matters in medicine, for every crucial decision a clinician might make. Our title A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters is a guide to making consistent legal and ethical decisions in patient care.

Wondering what choices you might make in these situations? Try our legal quiz to see what you would do.



How Do You Approach the Diagnosis of a Patient in Internal Medicine? - Video


Watch our clip of David Sprigings and Patick Davey, co-authors of Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicineas they discuss how one might approach diagnosing a patient. 


What would be your one key piece of advice for current medical trainees? – Video


David Sprigings and Patrick Davey offer their expert advice for the next generation of medical trainees, in our video interview. Both are authors of Diagnosis and Treatment in Internal Medicine.




The State of the Art(s) in Medicine


It is not enough to only gain clinical knowledge and skills in the study of medicine - trainees must also learn communication, collaboration, and professionalism. Read this article about the importance of art and humanities in medical teaching, written by the authors of Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education.