There are hundreds of Oxford Medicine Online books on the site. The best way to browse through them is when they are organized by specialty.
  • Open the subject browse panel by clicking on Browse by Specialty in the header, on every page.
  • Click a specialty to show all the books on that topic.
  • Close the specialty browse panel by clicking on the X at the bottom right.

Tip: if you want to see all the books on the site, choose Browse All, at bottom right of the specialty browse panel.

Browse by specialty

Click on the specialty of your choice (e.g. Dentistry) in the Browse panel.

An alphabetical list of matching titles is displayed in the Browsing Results list.


More on browsing:

Browse by Career Stage 

Click on the Career Stage of your choice (e.g. Undergraduate Doctor) in the Browse panel.

An alphabetical list of matching titles is displayed in the Browsing Results list.


Browse by Series

Click on the Series of your choice (e.g. Oxford Textbooks) in the Browse panel.

An alphabetical list of matching titles is displayed in the Browsing Results list.


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Refining your browse list

On the left of your browse list you’ll find features to help you find what you want in that list.

  • Narrow your choices by choosing a more specific subject. In this pane you’ll see the same subject taxonomy as in the subject browse panel – but in more detail, so you can choose to explore more precisely.
  • Each topic shows you the number of books on that topic (in brackets.)
  • Click on the + signs to expand each branch of the taxonomy, the – signs to hide the sub-branches, and click on each term to choose it.
  • Enter a word of phrase in the Refine terms box to run a quick search just through the books or chapters you are browsing. 
  • Availability: your library may not have subscribed to all the books. Open the Availability widget by clicking the little triangle and then check the Show full text results only box to limit what you see to just what you have access rights to.
  • Refine by most recently published.
  • As with Search, refine by Specialty, Career stage, Series, and Date.



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Gone too far?

The grey panel at the top of the main list shows you the filters that are being used to make your browse list. You can always remove a filter by clicking on the x next to it.


Using the browse list 

You can save a browse list as an Excel or PDF file; or you can print it out, email it, or share it via a social media site – use the icons at the top right of the list.

You can even choose to be alerted whenever a new book in a particular subject is added to the site. If you have an RSS reader you can subscribe to an alert by clicking on the RSS icon at the top right of the browse list.



Moving on

Once you've gone to full content, you can return to your browse list, or move through it, using the arrows and Back to results on the left below the header.



Moving between results pages

The number of pages of results are shown at the top and bottom of the list on the right. To move to any of the numbered pages, click on it.


Items per page

The standard number of results is 10 per page, but you can alter this up to a maximum of 100.


Sorting results

Results are listed by Title - A to Z.

You can also choose to order them by:

  • Title - Z to A
  • Date - Old to Recent
  • Date - Recent to Old
  • Author - A to Z
  • Author - Z to A 

Changing how much information is displayed

There are three options for viewing results. To select one, click on it.

 Minimal detail: title of the book, its author, and publication date.

 Medium detail: title, author, publication details, and the first few lines of the abstract.

 Maximum detail: title, author, publication details, and the complete abstract.

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