Figure 6.4 Maritime quarantine and ‘Spanish influenza’, Australia, 1918–19. Graphs plot, by overseas source of infection, the weekly count of vessels infected with influenza and quarantined on arrival at Australian ports, October 1918–May 1919. (A) Pacific Rim. (B) Europe. (C) Other. Vessels on which cases of influenza were recorded after arrival in Australia, and which may therefore be assumed to have maintained an unbroken chain of infection aboard ship, are indicated on each graph by the black shading.

Source: Reproduced from Smallman-Raynor, M.R. and Cliff, A.D, War Epidemics: An Historical Geography of Infectious Diseases in Military Conflict and Civil Strife, Figure 11.5, p. 585, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, Copyright © 2004, by permission of Oxford University Press. Data from Cumpston, J. H. L., Influenza and Maritime Quarantine in Australia, Sydney, Commonwealth of Australia, Quarantine Service Publication, No. 18, Copyright © 1919.