EUPHA 2019

November 19, 2019

If you are attending the European Public Health conference in Marseille this year, be sure to visit us on stand 11 to see our latest range of public health titles. As a special treat, we are delighted to offer up a small selection of free chapters from some of our conference highlights. 

Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects is a comprehensive resource on the relationship between ill health and employment. The specialist advice given covers health hazards in the work place, fitness for work, and rehabilitation after illness or injury. A truly current source, it discusses the social aspects of work, and problems associated with our aging workforce and changing population.

Click here to read a free chapter from the book that discusses health promotion in the workplace.

Screening: Evidence and Practice provides an evidence-based 'how-to' guide that covers all aspects of health screening across the globe. Full of real-life examples and fascinating case studies, this text illustrates how screening actually works in the real, messy world of politics, big business, and media. It's jargon-free language, clear diagrams and self-test questions all the reader to consolidate their knowledge and advance their skills.

Click here to read a free chapter from the book that explores what screening is and is not.

Setting up Community Health and Development Programmes in Low and Middle Income Settings fully covers the theory and practice of community-based health care in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) era. It focuses on how relevant parties can collaborate in both identifying and solving health priorities within a community. Copiously illustrated, focused on evidence-based research, and written in easy-to-read English, it is an accessible and ideal textbook for health care workers worldwide.

This title is Open Access. You can find it here.

These are just some of the many titles we are featuring this year. Check out some of our other highlights in our list here.