Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Barbara Stanley and Antonia New

Print publication date: Sep 2017

ISBN: 9780199997510

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Until recently, borderline personality disorder (BPD) has been the stepchild of psychiatric disorders. Many researchers even questioned its existence. Clinicians have been reluctant to reveal the diagnosis to patients because of the stigma attached to it. But individuals with BPD suffer terribly and a significant proportion die by suicide and engage in nonsuicidal self-injury. The aim of this primer on BPD is to fill this void and provide clinicians with an accessible, easy-to-use, clinically oriented, evidenced-based guide for early-stage BPD. We present the most up to date data about BPD by leading experts in the field in a format accessible to trainees and professionals working with individuals with BPD and their family members. The volume is comprehensive and covers the etiology of BPD, its clinical presentation and comorbid disorders, genetics and neurobiology of BPD, effective treatment approaches to BPD, the role of advocacy, and the treatment of special subpopulations (e.g., forensic) in the clinical management of BPD.

Table of Contents