Clinical PsychopharmacologyPrinciples and Practice

Clinical PsychopharmacologyPrinciples and Practice

Nassir Ghaemi

Print publication date: Dec 2018

ISBN: 9780199995486

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Clinical Psychopharmacology offers a comprehensive guide to clinical practice that explores the science and art of clinical research and its individualized application. Content is primarily based on clinical research and pharmacological studies, unlike most texts that rely on inferences from biological mechanisms. The text consists of 49 chapters, organized into 6 sections, focusing on disease-modifying versus symptomatic effects of available treatments, careful differential diagnosis including non-DSM diagnostic concepts, key clinical research studies, essential facts about the most common drugs, and more. Four appendices address key diagnostic controversies. This innovative book advocates a scientific and humanistic approach to practice and examines not only the benefits, but also the harms of psychotropic drugs. Providing a solid foundation of knowledge and a great deal of practical information, this book is a valuable resource for psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, medical students, trainees in psychiatry, pharmacists, and other mental health professionals.

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