How the NIH Can Help You Get FundedAn Insider's Guide to Grant Strategy

How the NIH Can Help You Get FundedAn Insider's Guide to Grant Strategy

Michelle L. Kienholz and Jeremy M. Berg

Print publication date: Dec 2013

ISBN: 9780199989645

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This online resource presents a non-formulaic approach in how to write a grant, and helps those interested in grant applicants to anticipate questions and concerns the NIH may have during the selection process. It how the NIH operates at the corporate level, as well as the culture and policies of individual institutes and centers, how the NIH budget evolves over the course of a fiscal year and why the timing is important, customizing NIH Web site searches and using the data to increase chances of success, and identifying appropriate program officers, study sections, and funding opportunities. It also provides advice on developing each component of the grant application in order of the components' influence on the final impact score and reviews individual funding mechanisms along with grantsmanship tips specific to each, as well as the importance of reviewer-friendly formatting and organization of the text. It also discusses the next steps after the application has been submitted–before, during, and after the review and funding decision. Strategies for resubmitting or repurposing applications are provided for those who do not receive awards, and it also addresses the needs of those who do receive funding but have questions on managing and maintaining their award.