Bipolar Disorder in YouthPresentation, Treatment and Neurobiology

Bipolar Disorder in YouthPresentation, Treatment and Neurobiology

Stephen M. Strakowski, Melissa P. DelBello, and Caleb M. Adler

Print publication date: Oct 2014

ISBN: 9780199985357

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Bipolar disorders affect up to 3% of the world's population and are the 6th leading cause of disability worldwide. As the disorder presents differently in youth as it does in adults, considerable controversy exists around the diagnosis in young people. The neurobiological factors leading to the onset of bipolar disorder reflect abnormalities in adolescent brain development. Bipolar disorder is strongly heritable and therefore, these developmental abnormalities likely represent the culmination of processes that precede the expression of symptoms. Current studies of children who are at risk for bipolar disorder are identifying these processes. Again, controversy exists about how to move these neuroscience gains forward to help affected individuals and, particularly to manage children at risk to delay or prevent the onset or progression of bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorder in Youth provides a timely, focused review of the diagnosis, treatment, and neurobiology of bipolar disorder in youth. It addresses current controversies and resolves those in which evidence is available. It provides comprehensive discussions to aid clinicians managing these individuals in their practices, as well as scientists trying to advance the field