Neurology for the HospitalistA Practical Approach

Neurology for the HospitalistA Practical Approach

David Likosky, S. Andrew Josephson, Michael Joseph Pistoria, and William D Freeman

Print publication date: Feb 2014

ISBN: 9780199969630

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Internal Medicine Hospitalists frequently face patients with neurological issues. This resource helps the user to quickly learn the differential diagnoses, appropriate testing, signs to watch for, and treatment strategies for the most frequently encountered neurologic conditions, including stroke, TIA, elevated ICP, CNS disorders, seizures, syncope, meningitis, encephalitis, delirium, dementia, coma, brain death, and more. Each topic covers commonly asked questions and elements that warrant close attention. For the hospitalist in particular, proposed quality metrics are given for major neurological diagnoses, along with practical information that will guide the best care.