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Deep Brain Stimulation 

Deep Brain Stimulation
Deep Brain Stimulation
Video Protocols and Techniques for Movement Disorders

Brandon R. Barton MD, MS

and Deborah A. Hall MD, PhD


Placement of a deep brain stimulator (DBS) may occur as an effective treatment in patients with multiple diagnoses, although this si most commonly done for Parkinson disease (PD) and essential tremor. Patients with PD are videotaped both on and off their dopaminergic medication in order for the DBS team to assess appropriateness for surgery. The goal is to assess how effective the dopaminergic medications are improving their symptoms, since the success of the surgery is proportional to the degree of their medication response. Patients with diagnoses other than PD may be taped with this protocol either on medications or on and off medication, although sometimes the disease-specific protocol is used instead. The DBS protocol focuses on parkinsonism, especially speech and gait.

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