Basic Electrophysiological Methods

Basic Electrophysiological Methods

Ellen Covey and Matt Carter

Print publication date: Feb 2015

ISBN: 9780199939800

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This online guide is a concise overview of a selection of the most important contemporary electrophysiological techniques, their implementation, applications, and ways in which they can be combined and integrated with related neuroscience techniques. It does not obscure the relevant technical details with textbook neuroscience tutorials, and each chapter provides a concise overview of the underlying theory, a comprehensive description of equipment, materials, methods, data management and analysis, a troubleshooting guide, and a list of frequently asked questions. It provides a fundamental and accessible set of information intended to form a foundation prior to, during, and after hands-on experience and training, greatly facilitating the initial learning process and subsequent fine-tuning of technical details.