Infections in the Immunosuppressed PatientAn Illustrated Case-Based Approach

Infections in the Immunosuppressed PatientAn Illustrated Case-Based Approach

Pranatharthi H. Chandrasekar

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780199938568

Publisher: Oxford University Press


These case studies illustrate infections encountered in hospitals among patients with compromised immune systems. As a result of immunocompromise, the patients are vulnerable to common and uncommon infections. These cases are carefully chosen to reflect the most frequently encountered infections in the patient population, with a specific emphasis on illustrations and lucid presentations to explain state-of-the-art approaches in diagnosis and treatment. Common and uncommon presentations of infections are presented while the rare ones are not emphasized. The cases are written and edited by clinicians and experts in the field. Each case highlights the immune dysfunction that uniquely predisposed the patient to the specific infection, and the cases deal with infections in the cancer patient, infections in the solid organ transplant recipient, infections in the stem cell recipient, infections in patients who receive immunosuppressive drugs, and infections in patients with immunocompromise that is caused by miscellaneous conditions.

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