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A Practical Guide to Using ECT in Minors 

A Practical Guide to Using ECT in Minors
A Practical Guide to Using ECT in Minors
Electroconvulsive Therapy in Children and Adolescents

Neera Ghaziuddin

, Polly Gipson

, and Elise Hodges


This chapter describes the steps about selecting and using ECT in adolescents with severe psychiatric disorders. The first step is to identify treatment resistance or when the illness severity warrants consideration for ECT. Additional steps include a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, obtaining informed consent from a parent or a legal guardian and the assent of the adolescent in the majority, second opinion from an independent psychiatrist, medical work up to rule out any existing medical condition, collaboration with anesthesiology for the safe administration of anesthesia, completion of pre and post treatment neuropsychological evaluation to monitor change in cognitive functions, the management of psychotropic medications, providing follow-up during the ECT course and upon completion of treatment, and determining when maintenance ECT may be indicated.

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