Neuroimaging GeneticsPrinciples and Practices

Neuroimaging GeneticsPrinciples and Practices

Kristin L. Bigos, Ahmad R. Hariri, and Daniel R. Weinberger

Print publication date: Feb 2016

ISBN: 9780199920211

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The field of neuroimaging genetics in clinical neuroscience has grown exponentially over the past decade, linking genetic variation to brain development and its functions. This unique research tool is used in diverse areas of neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurology to establish and identify mechanisms of risk, establish biological significance, and extend statistical evidence of genetic associations. Neuroimaging Genetics: Principles and Practices surveys the field from its history to its future, providing unique insights into how genes influence brain structure and function. Initially outlining the basic principles of neuroimaging techniques and their application to imaging genetics, the volume then applies imaging genetics to understanding neurochemical systems and pathways in the brain; examines imaging genetics research in psychiatric and neurologic illness, including behavior and personality; and explores the future of neuroimaging genetics and its application. This book also includes up-to-date reviews of the basic principles in designing neuroimaging studies in human cognition, emotion, temperament and various disorders of the brain.

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