Global Mental HealthPrinciples and Practice

Global Mental HealthPrinciples and Practice

Vikram Patel, Harry Minas, Alex Cohen, and Martin Prince

Print publication date: Nov 2013

ISBN: 9780199920181

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The emergence of the discipline of global mental health as one of the most dynamic fields of global health underscores the need for this resource, which covers two major aspects of the field: its scientific foundations and its practice. It opens with an original account charting the history of the field from antiquity to its most recent developments. The language and content is geared towards a wide audience of practitioners and students of global mental health, including those who do not have any previous training in a clinical mental health specialty. Edited by four of the field's most widely acknowledged champions, this resource features 20 chapters authored by over 30 global leaders of the field from diverse institutions and countries, is aimed to be the definitive text of this dynamic new discipline.