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Elbow Injections: Ultrasound 

Elbow Injections: Ultrasound
Elbow Injections: Ultrasound
Multimodality Imaging Guidance in Interventional Pain Management

Jay Smith

and Jacob Sellon


This chapter discusses sonographically guided elbow, tendon, and joint procedures used in the management of patients presenting with tendon and joint disorders of the elbow. Two sonographically guided corticosteroid injection techniques have been used for common extensor tendinosis, a superficial technique and a deep technique. Sonographically guided percutaneous longitudinal tenotomy has also been described for chronic flexor-pronator tendinosis. Distal biceps tendinopathy is a broad term that includes both inflammatory (tendinitis) and chronic degenerative (tendinosis) conditions. As the proximal portion of the distal biceps tendon can be easily palpated anteriorly, an anterior injection approach will typically provide uncomplicated access to the tendon and/or adjacent bursal fluid. Common elbow conditions are amenable to intra-articular elbow aspiration and injections (typically with corticosteroid).

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