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Basics of Computed Tomography 

Basics of Computed Tomography
Basics of Computed Tomography
Multimodality Imaging Guidance in Interventional Pain Management

Krikor Malajikian

and Daniel Finelli


Computed tomography (CT)-guidance is typically used when precise needle placement is essential for a successful procedure. It uses ionizing radiation, which could pose risks to the patient and operating staff if proper technique is not used. The performing physician should adhere to all principles of minimizing radiation exposure to the patient and clinicians. Common CT-guided imaging procedures include facet injections, nerve root injections, sacroiliac joint injections, intradiscal procedures, vertebroplasty/sacroplasty, and image-guided ablation of painful bone lesions. Computed tomography is also the imaging modality of choice for aspiration of deep paraspinal soft tissues in addition to disc space or bone biopsy in acute discitis/osteomyelitis. In fluoroscopic-guided knee or shoulder joint injections, CT arthrography is a useful adjunct to better assess anatomy when MRI is contraindicated. When imaging the postoperative spine, CT myelography has some advantages over MRI, and CT is also superior to MRI in assessing par intra-articularis defects or spondylolysis.

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