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Cervical Sympathetic Block: Ultrasound 

Cervical Sympathetic Block: Ultrasound
Cervical Sympathetic Block: Ultrasound
Multimodality Imaging Guidance in Interventional Pain Management

Samer N. Narouze


To improve the safety of the stellate ganglion block (SGB), the techniques for SGB have evolved over time from the standard blind technique to fluoroscopy and more recently to ultrasound-guided technique. Ultrasound-guided SGB may also improve the safety of the procedure by direct visualization of vascular structures and soft-tissue structures. Accordingly, the risk of vascular and soft-tissue injury may be minimized. Ultrasound guidance will allow direct monitoring of the spread of the injectate and hence may minimize complications such as recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) palsy and intrathecal, epidural, or intravascular spread.

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