Evaluation and Treatment of Myopathies

Evaluation and Treatment of Myopathies

Emma Ciafaloni, Patrick F. Chinnery, and Robert C. Griggs

Print publication date: May 2014

ISBN: 9780199873937

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This new edition of Evaluation and Treatment of Myopathies is divided in to 3 primary sections: Approach to the Patient with Muscle Disease, Specific Myopathies, and General Strategies of Clinical Management, which all provide practical guidance on eliciting key history and on how to demonstrate findings on examination. This new online edition also provides guidance on the next steps in diagnosis as well as the latest information on pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment, in an integrated manner, so as to give trainees, practicing clinicians and others who see neuromuscular disease, perspective on how to evaluate and care for patients. New and revised tables, figures and references are selected and organized to present information of clinical importance to provide the most up-to-date resource on the myopathies.