The OMICsApplications in Neuroscience

The OMICsApplications in Neuroscience

Giovanni Coppola

Print publication date: Dec 2013

ISBN: 9780199855452

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This resource summarizes the state of the art in OMICs applications in neurology and neuroscience, attracting neurologists who are interested in the progress of this field towards clinical applications, and neuroscientists who may be not familiar with the most recent advances in this ever-changing field. It includes an overview of most relevant high-throughput approaches (collectively known as 'OMICs') and how they relate to neurology and neuroscience. High-throughput assays have introduced large datasets, computational servers, and bioinformatics approaches to neuroscience and medicine in general. It provides an overview of the application or method, a perspective on the current and future applications in neurology and neuroscience, and a few published examples illustrating possible practical use. Emerging topics such as ethical issues related to personal genome sequencing, epigenetics, network analysis, and role of peripheral biomarkers in disease diagnosis and follow-up are also covered.