NeuroanatomyDraw It to Know It, Second Edition

NeuroanatomyDraw It to Know It, Second Edition

Adam Fisch

Print publication date: Apr 2012

ISBN: 9780199845712

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Neuroanatomy: Draw It to Know It, Second Edition teaches neuroanatomy in a purely kinaesthetic way. In using this resource, each neuroanatomical pathway and structure is learned by drawing, and through this process, memorable and reproducible schematics for the various learning points in neuroanatomy are created in a hands-on, enjoyable, and highly effective manner. In addition to this unique method, this resource also provides a remarkable repository of reference materials, including numerous anatomic and radiographic brain images, muscle-testing photographs, and illustrations from many other classic texts, which all enhance the learning experience. This new edition adds "Know-It" points to each chapter, providing high-yield learning methods that separate the essential from the advanced topics. It engages the reader in a direct manner while covering both the advanced level of detail needed as well as retaining the simplistic approach used in learning this challenging subject.