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Collaborations in Palliative Care 

Collaborations in Palliative Care
Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work

This textbook on palliative social work is a companion volume to the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine and the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing. To that end, this chapter will accomplish the following:

Palliative care consultation teams (PCCTs) have specific characteristics that infuse both organization and function.

The social work role on palliative care teams is multifaceted and relates to relationships with team members as well as the collaborative relationships with referring clinicians and social work colleagues within the institution.

Palliative care teams strive to function as an integrated whole and to consider the patient and family as the unit of care.

Palliative care team members have shared skill sets as well as unique expertise that enriches the care of patients and families.

There is emerging evidence that palliative care teams have the potential to impact cost and patient/staff satisfaction.

Social work training and skill sets contribute to the ongoing function of the team and the comprehensive care of patients and families.

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