Quality and Safety in Radiology

Quality and Safety in Radiology

Hani H. Abujudeh and Michael A. Bruno

Print publication date: Mar 2012

ISBN: 9780199735754

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The first comprehensive resource for patient safety and quality standards in radiology. Includes section on special topics, including chapters on pregnancy in radiology and pediatric radiology. Applicable to all practice settings. Multiple practical examples of quality and safety strategies throughout the book. Radiology has been transformed by new imaging advances and a greater demand for imaging, along with a much lower tolerance for error as part of the Quality & Safety revolution in healthcare. With a greater emphasis on patient safety and quality in imaging practice, imaging specialists are increasingly charged with ensuring patient safety and demonstrating that everything done for patients in their care meets the highest quality and safety standards. This resource offers practical guidance on understanding, creating, and implementing quality management programs in radiology.

Table of Contents