Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine

Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine

Sanja Thompson, Nicola Lovett, Sarah Pendlebury, and John Grimley Evans

Print publication date: Dec 2015

ISBN: 9780199699261

Publisher: Oxford University Press


The cases in this volume have been selected to show the spectrum of acute medicine in older patients. These are often with atypical or non-specific presentations, on a background of complex co-morbidity and the attendant management and ethical dilemmas. The format follows that of other books in the series: case descriptions with questions followed by answers including detailed discussion of the diagnosis, treatment, and management dilemmas including ethical and holistic aspects of care. This structure was chosen as it is very difficult to illustrate the practical process of clinical management through a conventional textbook format. The authors believe it is more interesting and educational to consider real cases and one’s own management plan, than to read a text that does not require the same interactive effort on the part of the reader.