Critical Care NursingScience and Practice

Critical Care NursingScience and Practice

Sheila Adam, Sue Osborne, and John Welch

Print publication date: Mar 2017

ISBN: 9780199696260

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This textbook encompasses the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to deliver excellent nursing care to critically ill patients. Emphasis is placed on a holistic and compassionate approach towards humanizing the impact of the environment, organ support, and monitoring, as well as critical illness itself. Chapters cover the general aspects of critical care such as the critical care environment or critical care continuum and specific organ systems and diseases. The structure of the systems chapters reminds the reader of the underlying anatomy and physiology as well as highlighting areas of particular relevance to critical care. The focus on priorities for management builds on the ABCDE assessment and offers insight into key interventions in urgent situations as well as outlining evidence-based practice. The book is ideal for those new to the critical care environment, but will also act as a reminder for more experienced nurses when faced with a new situation or when teaching/mentoring students. The patient and their family remain the centre of all This new edition brings the definitions, pathophysiology, and management of fast-changing and challenging areas such as ARDS, sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction, resuscitation, and acute kidney injury up to date as well as including any evidence-based changes associated with nursing practice in critical care. A new chapter covers major incident planning and management and the role of critical care in pandemic situations.