Obstetric Anaesthesia

Obstetric Anaesthesia

Rachel Collis, Sarah Harries, and Abrie Theron

Print publication date: Dec 2020

ISBN: 9780199688524

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Starting work on the labour ward is very challenging for all junior anaesthetists. This handbook is an easily navigated practical reference guide for anaesthetists new to this environment, as well as other members of the labour ward multi-disciplinary team; midwives, obstetricians, and Consultant Anaesthetists who visit labour ward less frequently or only when on-call. It covers all aspects of obstetric anaesthesia that the trainee anaesthetist will encounter during their obstetric training module, and is essential reading for FRCA exam preparation. Since the first edition, there is no doubt that the pregnant population has become more complex, with increasing maternal age and BMI, and challenging co-morbidities presenting more frequently. As well as providing updates from recent MBRRACE reports and national guidelines, new techniques, drugs, and technology, such as point of care testing have been included. New chapters covering the application of ultrasound in obstetric anaesthesia, recognition of the sick and septic patient, maternal obesity and neonatal resuscitation have been introduced. Previous chapters, e.g. haemorrhage, have been extensively updated, with the latest management protocols and algorithms based on recent published research in obstetric bleeding. We have retained our practical guides to performing, managing, and trouble-shooting regional techniques that are more problematic on labour ward, and our extensive A–Z of rarer conditions has updated references. More conventional chapters on maternal physiology and pathophysiology provide readers with essential examination material. The importance of anticipating risk in the antenatal period through high risk anaesthetic assessment clinics and postpartum management of tricky neurological complications is also well covered.