Personality Disorder (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

Personality Disorder (Oxford Psychiatry Library)

Giles Newton-Howes

Print publication date: Dec 2014

ISBN: 9780199688388

Publisher: Oxford University Press


A practical guide to personality disorders, this online resource is written with clinical utility in mind. Case examples and a focus on evidence-based treatments will give busy health professionals confidence when diagnosing and treating patients with personality disorders. Clear and concise, it provides practical advice highlighted with useful 'key points' to help find information quickly and easily. Personality Disorders outlines the principles of management, with a focus on pharmacological, psychotherapeutic, and social interventions. As personality disorder is an area of psychiatry with much confusion and controversy, Dr Newton-Howes explores the current understanding of the field, including where there are gaps, and the content is informed by the classification systems in ICD-10 and DSM-5.