Challenging Concepts in AnaesthesiaCases with Expert Commentary

Challenging Concepts in AnaesthesiaCases with Expert Commentary

Phoebe Syme, Robert Jackson, and Tim Cook

Print publication date: Feb 2014

ISBN: 9780199686278

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Providing the inside track on how the experts approach and deal with real-world clinical scenarios, Challenging Concepts in Anaesthesia selects specific challenging cases that are encountered in everyday clinical practice but do not have simple answers. A case-based guide to challenging areas in anaesthesia and pain management, this resource covers the major sub-specialty areas in both fields. Complex cases are comprehensively examined from a multidisciplinary perspective with detailed consideration given to management options and the contemporary evidence base behind these decisions. Mapped to the Royal College of Anaesthetists' matrix for CME and the FRCA syllabus, it is effective as both a revision aid and as a reference during workplace-based assessments, and it highlights critical information through the use of boxed features: 'Learning points', 'Clinical tips', 'Evidence-base'. Each chapter has been reviewed by a national or international expert in the field who has also provided an 'Expert commentary', giving a unique insight into how today's opinion leaders confront and deal with the very same management challenges that all clinicians can potentially face on a daily basis.