Nutrition for Developing Countries

Nutrition for Developing Countries

Felicity Savage King, Ann Burgess, Victoria J. Quinn, and Akoto K. Osei

Print publication date: Oct 2015

ISBN: 9780199685226

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This third edition of Nutrition for Developing Countries explains, in clear simple language and with many illustrations, how health and nutrition workers can help households to feed and care for all their members, particularly young children during their first 1000 days from conception to age 2 years, and girls and women of reproductive age. It gives the essential facts about nutrients, nutrient needs, foods, and planning healthy diets; it covers the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and management of different types of malnutrition, namely undernutrition, overnutrition (including obesity and obesity-related non-communicable diseases), and micronutrient deficiencies. Guidelines are given on sustainable food and nutrition security, and how to promote good nutrition through Essential Nutrition Actions which include good care and the prevention of infection. It lists the data needed to be able to promote, in interactive ways, behaviour change with households, communities, and schools that may lead to better nutrition practices and outcomes. Appendices cover nutrient requirements, food composition, and anthropometric indicators, and how to keep updated with nutritional developments. This edition has been prepared by a team of international nutritionists, including many from Helen Keller International, supported by experts in different topics. It is targeted at health and nutrition workers, trainers, and students in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and other ‘English-speaking/Anglophone’ regions where nutrition challenges are similar.

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