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Chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease 

Chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease
Chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease
Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (2 ed.)

Santiago Perez-Lloret

, Estelle Dellapina

, Jean Pelleprat

, María Verónica Rey

, Christine Brefel-Courbon

, and Olivier Rascol


Despite increasing interest in the non-motor signs of Parkinson’s disease (PD), pain remains one of the symptoms most rarely taken into consideration in patients suffering from this disorder: a bibliographic search of the PubMed database, using the key words, ‘pain’ and ‘Parkinson’, identifies less than a few hundred references over the last ten years on the topic while the same search done over the same time period using the term ‘dementia’ leads to several thousand articles. Although pain is a common and relevant problem in PD its exact prevalence, its main causes and pathophysiological mechanisms, its consequences for patients’ quality of life and its therapeutic management remain incompletely known and poorly understood. The gaps in symptomatology, physiology and pathology, pharmacology and therapy must be filled to improve this situation.

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