Oxford Textbook of Neurorehabilitation

Oxford Textbook of Neurorehabilitation

Volker Dietz and Nick Ward

Print publication date: Feb 2015

ISBN: 9780199673711

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Neurorehabilitation is an expanding field with an increasing clinical impact because of an ageing population. During the last 20 years it has developed from a discipline with little scientific background, separated from other medical centres, to a medical entity largely based on the principles of evidenced based medicine (EBM), with strong ties to basic research and clinical neurology. Today neurorehabilitation is still an emerging field, and treatment standards are not yet established, and there are very few resources that address contemporary neurorehabilitation from this perspective. This online title moves the reader from theory to practice. It provides the reader with an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of neurorehabilitation, as well as a clear idea about how (and why) to approach treatment decisions in individual patients. Clinical recommendations are based on a mix of established evidence and clinical experience that the authors bring to bear on their topics.

Table of Contents