Endocrinology (Oxford Desk Reference)

Endocrinology (Oxford Desk Reference)

Helen E. Turner, Richard Eastell, and Ashley Grossman

Print publication date: Jun 2018

ISBN: 9780199672837

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Oxford Desk Reference: Endocrinology provides an overview of the principles of endocrinology, a detailed pathophysiology of disorders of the endocrine system, and practical advice on the clinical presentation of the spectrum of endocrine disease. Written by over 100 international experts, it discusses the diagnosis, management, and relevant genetic and immunological aspects of endocrine disorders. Whilst discussion of common endocrine conditions is comprehensive, it also includes rare syndromes with useful guidance on screening and follow-up. Providing clinical advice to endocrinologists, general physicians, and specialist nurses, it also includes background to biochemical, immunological, genetic, and epidemiological aspects of endocrinology. It is extensively cross-referenced, with suggestions for further reading, includes links to recent international guidelines, and is illustrated throughout with diagrams, tables, and radiological images. There is a quick reference section which covers algorithms for investigation and management of commonly encountered clinical scenarios for use in the clinic. There is an outpatient resource for explanation of endocrine conditions to patients using diagrams of common conditions while in the clinic, in addition to patient support groups and advice, and discussion on legal aspects of medicine and driving regulations. This should be a very useful resource for all involved in the assessment and management of any patient with any form of a possible endocrine disorder.