Training in Ophthalmology

Training in Ophthalmology

Venki Sundaram, Allon Barsam, Lucy Barker, and Peng Tee Khaw

Print publication date: Jul 2016

ISBN: 9780199672516

Publisher: Oxford University Press


This title addresses the Royal College of Ophthalmologists syllabus for trainee ophthalmologists and is an essential read for those studying ophthalmology, optometry, and orthoptics. With the relative lack of ophthalmology teaching at medical school and the often inconsistent formal teaching of fundamental examination and clinical techniques during initial posts, ophthalmology trainees often feel they are being ‘thrown in at the deep end’ early on in their career. In addition, trainees are now expected to clearly demonstrate evidence of having acquired the expected knowledge, clinical, technical, and surgical skills at each stage of their training in order to progress. This book aims to help address these issues by mapping the stages of the Ophthalmic Specialist Training curriculum and providing trainees with the core knowledge and clinical skills they will require to succeed. As a theoretical and practical aid, it guides readers through postgraduate Ophthalmic Specialist Training. Emphasis is placed on the practical assessment and management of key ophthalmic conditions. Each chapter explores basic sciences, clinical skills, clinical knowledge, and practical skills. Conditions are discussed with general explanations of the pathophysiology and clinical evaluation, which are followed by differential diagnoses and treatment options.